Hey Charger

My Favourite Australian Car

The Charger

Never owned one
Never driven one
Never been a passenger in one
But love 'em

Valiant Charger VH
The VH Charger was introduced in August 1971. The Charger R/T E49 in June 1972, and Charger E55 340 in October 1972. The lineup in the beginning included the Charger, Charger XL, R/T Charger, and the luxury 770 Charger. Due to the uproar over "Supercar" which were dubbed "bullets on wheels", the VH model also saw the demise of the R/T Charger and their souped up engines.

VH Charger R/T E38
Hemi 265 linked to a 3 speed manual with a top speed of 203 km/hr
0-100 km/hr in 6.4 secs
Standing 400 m in 15.0 secs

VH Charger E49
Hemi 265 linked to a 4 speed manual with a top speed of 216 km/hr
0-100 km/hr in 6.1 secs
Standing 400 m in 14.1 secs
(Australia's fastest production car)

Valiant Charger VJ
The Valiant Charger VH was introduced in March, 1973 and included in its line-up the Charger, Charger Xl, Charger 770, and the Limited Edition Charger Sportsman.

VJ Charger XL
Hemi 265 linked to a four speed manual with a top speed of 176 km/hr
0-100 km/hr 9.6 sec
Standing 400 m 17.5 secs

Valiant Charger VK
The Valiant Charger VK was introduced in October 1975 and the lineup was reduced to the Charger XL and Charger 770
The 360 V8 was introduced with the VK model.

VK Charger XL
Hemi 265 linked to a three speed automatic with a top speed of 179 km/hr
0-100km/hr in 10.9 secs
Standing 400m  in 17.9 secs
Valiant Charger CL

The Valiant Charger CL was introduced in October 1976 and only the Charger 770, and a Limited Edition Charger Drifter were offered to the public. The Hemi 215 was discontinued, and due to stricter emission laws, all engines suffered a drop in power and torque. Chrysler Corporation only released figures for the Hemi 265 of 109 kW @4800 rpms and 288 Nm @ 3000 rpms. However, this drop was not as great as the drop suffered by Ford and GMH.
Information from http://goo.gl/DhdqEV

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