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Simulacrum Bark Hut Girl

  Northern Territory Gothic Simulacrum Bark Hut Girl Poem One-off sponsorship You Tube

Australian Gothic

  The land  Where there are no crumbling castles  No bloodsucking vampires No ancient monsters No antiquity Too immature for proper history The terror is unseen The terror has been repressed  Through imperial violence, fear, and subversion Mass transportation to the dungeon of the world 50 thousand years  Then came The water buffalo The missionaries Pastoral activity Uranium mining Forestry Tourism Sheer relentless pressure Bringing forth crisis and social breakdown Through an obligation to make way We sense their dread As they combined the elements to create a threat A social, religious, and physical threat The darkest mountain The deepest canyon No escape THEN There are those who predicted the threat Those who compose the realities of impending horror  Those who shepherd the flock into their shelters As we return to our nooks and anticipate their foretold slaughter When you feel an object is both alive and not alive Consecrated Special powers Invisible forces Made powerful for human

Seeking a New Way of Seeing

  A political act To rebalance the inequities Trust intuition There is a risk that our story will not be told Our time doesn't have to be linear Or by its means of describing us In the busy work of creating an unfulfilling life Who is in charge of my simulation? When I am observed  I behave differently Fearing my vulnerability  Fearing constant attack My mind indistinguishable from reality I step onwards To self-correct my past errors As I passively slip through multiple dimensions With My Judgmental and Righteous Hands In this game, I have two hands One is for verity One is judgment One is bringing forward truth One is for corrective measures One is to bring alignment One is to teach a lesson As we transform onwards through this immense virtual space Night Walking with Weapons In distant places Everyone is hacking each other Everyone is grieving Everyone overconsuming There are those trying to reduce socio-economic gaps  Where enforcement is distributed unequally And I keep search

Jingili Circumnavigated

  Trim Circumnavigated  Adaptive Suitable for service Faithful and affectionate But stolen and eaten From the gutters  Time well spent Forever trying to make it Curious, creative, and nontraditional  Independent and alert To knowing The battles that need to be fought To whom it must be Focused on predictive outcomes By mimicking and anticipating their actions The explorer of the unknown The explorer of the unconscious The explorer of creativity In our ordinary life In our commonality In our common cause for boredom In all of the mindless small tasks That are too numerous  To be named  Find your prey Follow it Patiently wait Catch it Place As cold as the moon And in the balance The importance of being present Intrust and intelligence Need Never to be left alone Feeling relaxed Showing affection  Objective Remove all unwanted behaviors Through repeated iterations Faithful and affectionate Never to be left alone In our ordinary life Forever trying to make it One-off sponsorship

Keres Relic

  Keres Relic Of all creations Of all exemplar behaviors We listen out for fabulous stories Until what has always been can no longer be ignored Until we are in harmony with divinity  Without the need to clarify Just young again Smart and creative Caught between two giants Promising to change the world Performing outstanding feats With irrepressible force Almighty without precedence They have reconditioned our dimension From living without fear To living in fear Adaptable on the breaking point This is the brighter place The Dramatic Rise and Falls Of Powerful Monsters Provides Opportunities The dramatic rise and falls Of powerful monsters Provides Opportunities One-off sponsorship You Tube