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21st century student systems

21st-century student systems Are the Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems, software applications, and school-centered processes of your school purposed to support the instructional needs of the 21st-century student? In the essay ‘Do They Really Think Differently?’ (2001) Prensky defines Digital Immigrant and the Digital Native. Prensky proposes that one’s thinking patterns change depending on one’s experiences to the level that the Digital Native has a very different blend of cognitive skills than its predecessor the Digital Immigrant. Other commonly employed terms that describe pre and post 2000 students and learning frameworks are the Millennial Student, the Net Generation, and 21st Century Student. All classifications support Prensky supposition that the Digital Native student is required to and have acquired different thinking processes. Since the late 1980’s schools have adapted and integrated technologies to support instruction. Schools have connected to the i