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John Millais Tribute

  Sir John Millais Portrait NFT Tribute Are you drawn to the power of aesthetic beauty? The type that captivates and inspires you. Aesthetic beauty is a quality of a work of art that appeals to your senses, creating an emotional and visceral response. Millais creates a vivid and detailed world that evokes a strong emotional response. His rich and evocative sensibilities transport the viewer to a different time and place, allowing them to experience the beauty and wonder of the artistic experience. His aesthetics is not just about creating a picture of meaninglessness but about evoking a sense of wonder and awe and tapping into the deep-seated human need for beauty and meaning. As a visual artist, he aims to create works that appeal, enrich, and inspire. This representation of Millais is a tribute to how I am drawn to the power of his aesthetic beauty. What, Who, and Shop links John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscr

The Story Bridge Branch

The Story Bridge Branch Burden and Enlightenment NFT Vignette It was breathtaking to see the sun rise over Story Bridge. Yet, I couldn't help but be buried in my thoughts as I walked through the deserted alleyways. My soul was burdened by depression and anxiety, and the suggestions of others simply made things worse. I had the impression that I was stuck pushing a wheelbarrow full of emotional baggage. My own concerns and doubts were causing me to delay and postpone my aspirations. Bouts of procrastination and hopelessness prevented me from realising my full potential. So I identified with every cause that offered relief because I felt like an important person. But then I came across a motivational transcript without a title that promised to guide me towards inner tranquillity and contentment. Instead, I experienced a change in myself as I read the lines. My mental fog started to lift, and I began to perceive the world differently. I walked through the busy streets. The life and vi

When I seek shelter

  When I seek shelter This Branch Orange Landscape NFT Poem When I seek shelter. I am anxious. Panicked by the cacophony of advice. From all those loaded up. With their wheelbarrows and bags of emotional weight. I am delayed and postponed. My dreams ruined. Locked into procrastination. I the belittled consumer. Attached to every cause. Designed by those more intelligent than me. And then I downloaded a new app. Now I am mindful. In my cage. What, Who, and Shop links John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscribe to JJFB's work via Blogger , YouTube , Flicker , Facebook , Instagram and Deviant Art .  If you want to support his art creation, you can sponsor JJFBbennett through PayPal here or a subscription via Patreon here . If you want to acquire JJFB's art creations as an NFT - John's Opensea NFT profile is   Be Creative and Innovative with Knowledge Copyright This artwork i

A branch emerging from the water

Branch Breeze Blue dialogue This image concerns the thoughts I have but cannot fully realize. Without the words, I become restless and agitated. And I begin to think of the things I could have been. I start to dwell on my past frustrations, old hatreds, and false starts. They still haunt me. Then I think of the decisions I know I cannot make. I regret that I have not controlled most of my life, and I then think of what has control. The limitations of my blue sky dreaming and the many glass ceilings I have encountered. But I am content and, as a consumer, am amazed by this era's genius. This branch allows me to consider waste and hollow promises in context to the simplicity of experiencing the beauty of the biosphere — a branch emerging from the water on the full moon. Poem When my thoughts don't realize. I become restless. I wander between what could have been. My hatreds and false starts. And all decisions I could never make. My sky dreaming. My glass ceilings. I as the consu