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From Darwin to Kiama

  Journey from Darwin to Kiama: Exploring Australia's Scenic Route Darwin Airport Standing in queue watching the wheel go around and around. Sydney Airport The first Coffee on a cold morning really hits the spot. Kiama Pie-perfection in Kiama: The BEST Pie Shop You NEED to Try  Description Discover an unusual travel guide for your journey from Darwin to Kiama. Explore some of the lowlights and highlights along the way. Whether looking for the fastest route or scenic detours, this video guide has something everyday memorable. From queues to coffee to pies. Key Words Darwin to Kiama travel, Australia scenic routes, Travel guide Darwin, Kiama attractions, Road trip Australia, Flights to Kiama, Best travel tips, Darwin to Kiama itinerary, Australian travel blog, Kiama sightseeing Hashtags #DarwinToKiama #TravelAustralia #ScenicRoutes #RoadTrip #TravelGuide #ExploreAustralia #TravelTips #AustralianAdventure #JourneyThroughAustralia #KiamaAttractions Be Creative and Innovative with K

My favourite image of the week 002

MY FAVORITE IMAGE OF THE WEEK 23.9.17 #myfavoriteimage Shamini Mylapore Festival 2017 I can see the treasure of myths circulating between godliness and normality Breaking through the walls of today Reminding those of us trapped in the haste of work and process There is a time within nothing matters, that where imagination reigns Bringing forth and into light, transience and wonder If only I could have been there to see flight and fight  and experience the tearing of perceptual fabric 

Intelligent Systems Duo

How should we structure schools to help students  to make the learning choices  they really want to make? Is this about self-control within a controlled environment? Is learning a self-control problem? Do teachers really understand how school environments shape students' cognitive decision-making how much self-control does a student needs to learn to make good decisions? What can school leaders do  that positively structures the learning environment  that helps students to self-control choice? Self-control is an executive function. Self-control is a mental skill. Self-control is a cognitive action. Learning to make important decisions  requires schools to create the environments  where students gain self-control.

My favourite image of the week 001

My Favorite Image of the Week 16.9.17 #myfavoriteimage 【素材】 もみじ | 衣@瀕死  #pixiv I can see the timeless universe through seasonal leaves Calling me from afar my being is hoisted high Keeping my feet to ground  My body is warmed underneath blankets of growth With flames behind me and the wonderous in front I am flying and stationary  Alive and in motion In time and in place My life intent Knowing mortality within expanse I can sleep and dream