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Side by Side and Shimmering

  Stream   Side by Side and Shimmering Description: Welcome to my latest video, where I bring a beautiful poem to life through the magic of jazz. In this video, you'll experience the enchanting verses of a poem that explores themes of purpose, solidarity, and the ethereal beauty of jazz. Let the soothing voice-over guide you through shadows, whispers of angels, and the rising notes of jazz melodies. Watch as spirits shimmer and hearts adore, finding solidarity and compassion in every stride. Join me on this journey and feel the blend of music and poetry guiding you towards a hopeful end. Keywords: Jazz poem, Poetry video, Angels and music, Spiritual journey, Purpose and solidarity, Ethereal poetry, Music and poetry blend, Uplifting jazz, Visual Poetry, Compelling beauty Hashtags: #JazzPoem #PoetryVideo #AngelicWhispers #SpiritualJourney #PurposeInSong #Solidarity #CompassionateStrides #EtherealPoetry #MusicAndPoetry #UpliftingJazz #VisualPoetry #VoiceOverMagic #HeartfeltMelodies #A

Get the best out of your sleep

It seems that all you really need to survive and feel rested is the REM phase, which is only a tiny portion of your actual sleep phases at night. You only spend 1-2 hours in REM sleep during any given night, and the rest is wasted on the other seemingly useless phases. The way to hack yourself into entering REM sleep without being exhausted is to trick your body into thinking you’re going to get a tiny amount of sleep. You can train it to enter REM for short periods of time throughout the day in 20-minute naps rather than in one lump at night. Remarkably, adding just one nap during the day shaves an hour and forty minutes off your total sleep requirement. Powernapping Scientific experiments and anecdotal evidence suggest that an average power-nap duration of around 1 - 2 hours is most effective.Mitsuo Hayashi, Ph.D. and Tadao Hori, Ph.D.have demonstrated that a nap improves mental performance even after a full night sleep. REM sleep, this particular sleep state is highly conducive to f

Cultural Calvinist & Art Books must embrace 21st Century Technologies

Art Books must embrace 21st Century Technologies Q. What happened to post modernism? A. It became Culture Calvinist. Q. What has General Motors and Art got in common? A. They both require ongoing government support, they make things people do not want and they peaked in the 20th Century. Jamie Campin’s Weekend Australian’s Review article “Keep writhing about art – Art books must survive in this age of visual noise” is a casing point of meaningless relevance and dislocated authority. His points are; • Society requires the authority of taste-makers. • Unless the image makes the grade it is just noise. Image noise brought to you by; twitpic, flickr, photobucket, picasa and tinypic can be overwhelming in quantity and qualities. The technologies are new and are used by many. Perhaps there is something in the sayings ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. Dell recently announced that it surpassed $3 million in sales via links from one of its Twitter accounts. Getty Images, the world’s lar

EggHead Costello

I could have been PM. I wanted to be PM. Unfulfilled ambition some say. End of a dream some say. Some say a lot about could have beens. What if I had of challenged Howard? What if I Howard had of stepped down? What if I had of snatch leadership. What if I was the victor? What if I was the PM of Australia. I lead Australia through crisis and through crisis. I lead Australia out of debt. That is no debt. That is leadership. You can insult me, but you will never understand my paradox. I am the good son. I have ethics. I have morals. I am proud. I have not exploited my position of power. I have not enriched or misused my entitlement of power. I have no scandles attached to my name. There is no dirt to my name. Forget honest John I am Peter the rock. The curse all Peter's must endure. It is a death foretold. I left because the decision was mine and I made it. You can decide if it is your loss. You can decide whether it is your gain. I have been described as the poor man's Keating. W

Schools and Creativity: Sir Ken Robinson

WE NEED A SENSE OF BALANCE Why is creativity taken out of productivity? Why is innovation taken out of teaching? Why are schools not helping students to make meaning of their skills? If public education is to provide only the 3 Rs - to enable a functioning society - is education providing a hand-break on society? ' Education systems too narrow' : Sir Ken Robinson: ABC 7:30 report video interview Dot Points Sir Ken Robinson: * a number of famous people whose traditional education failed to help them identify their real talents before they went on to brilliant careers. * our education systems at the moment are still very focused on a certain type of ability, and the result is very many brilliant people are marginalised by the whole process *a talented and a passion - well that's to say you never work again. And it is true, I think, that our current education systems are simply not designed to help people do that. In fact an awful lot of people go through education and never d

EggHead Black has a character - workplace psychopath

Back doesn't change workplaces that often. His power is in his immediate workplace experience. When required Back gets into another workplace via association. Someone in power always owes Back. Back has a network of power friends. When in a tight situation Back can rely on 'the friends'. Back has more enemies than friends, however the enemies are disorganized as a network of power, they change positions and they know that they cannot contest Back without bullet proof evidence. Back knows who has networked power and who doesn't. Back enjoys the permanence of middle management within the public service. Back has no interest in holding an executive management position. These positions require more effort to maintain tenure and are open to attack by similar radicals. As a young leader Back attempted to hold an executive position but could not manage support. There was too much work involved in the tendering of support. Within middle management Back has fewer to content wit