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Finding selfless love in Myanmar

Visual thoughts within minor time within major events. Nothing actual but all is relevant through subjectivity and positioning. Looking through an understanding which is based on limitation - capability and clarity of personal vision. No direct anchorage to bedrock, this is within the gap, and with no iintention to connect stepping stones. Within this space there is no linear need and no need to make sense. It is for non- sensical intensions - daydreaming within moments of actuality. Did you hear god breath ? Can you think within your personal cage? Listening for self consideration, remembering but knowing -  forgottence . How will we remember? I will remind you. Playing with Fire. In the mind of consciousness fire warms each step into the future.  Wet organism playing with fire to evolve into what could be seen. Only to see what fire will allow us to see. Heaviness of safety. Enclosed with brick, mortar, steel and glass. Within a weaved lair, the booming an

Personal framework for leadership development

Personal Framework for Leadership Development. Introduction My leadership journey is about self- realisation , via an evolving pathway of opportunity and application. Whilst my development has obvious milestones, these stepping points do not lead towards a premeditated leadership goal. My approach has not been as intuitive as Magnus Walker Go with your gut feeling nor has it been as linear as Charlie Bell, who spent decades climbing the McDonald's corporate ladder. I have not instigated or created an innovative company that has changed the world. Nor have I transformed one that was struggling to survive and now leads the way. I do not have the knowledge expertise to change a domain of thinking. However, my approach and willingness to explore new thoughts of action has lead me to a keen interest in leadership within educational settings. I am particularly interested in leadership paradigms that can enable creativity, change, innovation and entrepreneurship within schools. My