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Seeking a New Way of Seeing

  A political act To rebalance the inequities Trust intuition There is a risk that our story will not be told Our time doesn't have to be linear Or by its means of describing us In the busy work of creating an unfulfilling life Who is in charge of my simulation? When I am observed  I behave differently Fearing my vulnerability  Fearing constant attack My mind indistinguishable from reality I step onwards To self-correct my past errors As I passively slip through multiple dimensions With My Judgmental and Righteous Hands In this game, I have two hands One is for verity One is judgment One is bringing forward truth One is for corrective measures One is to bring alignment One is to teach a lesson As we transform onwards through this immense virtual space Night Walking with Weapons In distant places Everyone is hacking each other Everyone is grieving Everyone overconsuming There are those trying to reduce socio-economic gaps  Where enforcement is distributed unequally And I keep search

Jingili Circumnavigated

  Reconfiguring the metaphor.  The world needs successful leaders.  They must want to achieve. To shift us from good to great. Forging ahead and getting around restrictions. Breaking national protections. Cutting the red tape. Warrantless access to our metadata. Shared across borders. Encroachments made to preserve prosperity. And maximizing returns. by reorganizing structures. To maintain productivity and continuous growth. A starting point. To be something that your opponent agrees with. Part of the agenda. To have a curious mind and an urge to make sense. As inflow. Being proper. Being skeptical.  In doubt. Knowing deterrence formulations.  A methodology.  Seeking that piece of information. That will make a difference. To be better, faster, and cheaper. As a pioneer. And profit from the insecurity of elites. Trim Circumnavigated  Adaptive Suitable for service Faithful and affectionate But stolen and eaten From the gutters  Time well spent Forever trying to make it Curious, creative,