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This is an exciting time to teach with technology

EXCITING TEACHOLOGY “ Tablets will change education this year and in the future because they align neatly with the goals and purposes of education in a digital age . Direct access to 24/7 information - anywhere anyplace take advantage of the many resources available through iTunes University a mobile learning solution a focus on accessing media-rich learning content and resources. its an gadget world - 150,000+ iPhone and iPod Touch apps Economics - Bloomberg Art - Brushes Astronomy GoSkyWatch Planetarium . Science The Elements: A Visual Exploration Early Childhood The Elements: A Visual Exploration Learn Spanish Research WolframAlpha Dictionary Scrabble Scrabble for iPad and then ANDROID & LINUX is yet to hit - more to come. these devices will succeed because: They are about productivity — Learning is about doing and, increasingly, about doing both in and out of the traditional classroom. In the 21st century