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Virtual School Student Survey

Virtual School Student Survey For a Blended Course consisting of  Virtual & Face to Face Students employing an LMS and Video Conferencing General Information What Subject are you Enrolled in? Do you classify yourself as a Face to Face or a Virtual Student? Face to Face students are BASED IN the same school as the teacher. Virtual students are NOT BASED in the same school as the teacher.  Did you have prior knowledge that you were enrolled in a Virtual course? Why did you enroll in a Virtual Course? Technology In generally which statements best describe your use of information technology when learning. Choice I prefer taking courses that use no information technology I prefer taking courses that use a limited level of technology I prefer taking courses that use a moderate level of technology I prefer taking courses that use an extensive level of technology I prefer taking courses that use technology exclusively Collaboration Do you agree or disagree with this st

The Catholic funeral rites is about “what?”

Catholic funeral traditions are about “what?” The Catholic basis - the 10 commandments – are the source of ideas and solutions however what do they mean when requesting a sanctified funeral? Is approval based on favorable ethics of the time and or as a political marketing exercise? It seems that when it comes to sanctified funerals, in contemporary times, only the gay porno movie makers miss out and it seems that the public scandal determines approval or not. Catholic Funeral rites The Church denies funeral rites to the following people unless they gave some signs of repentance before death: notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics; those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith; other manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful (cf. Canon 1184.1.1–3). So does the Catholic Church give funeral rites to: Murderers? People, who commit suicide? Mass Murderers? Rapists? M