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Challenging Imperatives of school leadership

‘What are the challenging  imperatives of school leadership and what does international literature offer to the task of developing 21st century school leaders in Australian Schools?’ Theme: Organisational Culture and Disruptive Technology. The line of discussion: Leadership and Disruption - School preparing students to be work ready to a changed work future: The scope of discussion: 10 years - 2015 to 2025 The complexity of the discussion: Disruptive technology and school's culture / Automated Efficiency to Augmentation to Human Machine Leadership: Experimental, Transformational and Contrarian  Leadership and Technology Exponential Change Introduction “In the agricultural era, schools mirrored a garden. In the industrial era, classes mirrored the factory, with an assembly line of learners. In the digital-information era, how will learning look?” Lucy Dinwiddie Global Learning & Executive Development Leader, General Electric  (Center for Creative Lead