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Ghosts Behind The Wall

  There are ghosts behind the wall Our veil of security Our collective power Our freedom to consume The force is behind the delusion There is an ancient behind the door. As considered behind the door. But has appropriated before the door. At the same time. Coexisting on either side of the spectrum. Whether the door is closed. Whether the door is open. Whether you are imprisoned. Whether you are free. A Red Ghost Behind the Door  It has collected the intelligence. My capabilities,  My intentions,  And my activities. It understands my secrets. It will protect its own. It is independent of public scrutiny. Three Red Ghosts behind the Wall Identifying the semblance of a military-related threat Blurring the truth Actioning propaganda of exacerbation Fixating the populous Spinning the back door as the front door Tracking your intellectual property And mining you the consumer as the product Five Red Ghosts in Blue Space As an irrepressible force approaches an immovable object. The strong sens