JJFBbennett Artist Statement

I have never separated myself from my physical, psychological, philosophical, and imaginary environments. My artwork is about being part of the infinity of human expression. It transverses my confluence. I make art that I say needs to be said. I see and experience it in a whole host of converging worlds without linear endpoints or stylistic dot points. I have one desire as an artist: to be an artist. Therefore, I have no desire to order my art as stuff and into products that are orderly and easily digested. Investigate, research, or interpret my art as part and not exclusive of your creative experience.

There is difficulty trying to understand and accept creativity as the driving force in consciousness. It is easier to deny than discover you know less than when you started. I come to the digital world of art via canvas painting. I am continually fighting my misconceptions of great art and opening myself up to new possibilities that digital art can offer. My images and artistic thoughts rapidly change as I transgress through various technologies. My art is not locked into any appearance genre or stylistic shape and color. I am about learning, and every time I apply new technology, I become a beginner. My artistic journey is a struggling of forever starting and accumulating influence. I have no intention of blocking out this noisy technological world to formulate a moment of creative clarity.

Crypto / NFT profile -  jjfbbennett.x

Opensea NFT profile - https://opensea.io/JJFBbennett

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