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Gotta Assassinate Dungeon

  The Room is a Dungeon I woke up to the punishment of cramping cold. My bed is dirty, and I have been feasted on by pests and rodents. Realizing my nakedness and no blanket to cover up, I feel vulnerable. My immediate thought is: who has captured me?  I quickly scan the room. No window. No dunny. No nothing. Just a solitary light, behind its wire cage, simultaneously emitting and trapping a spectrum of transformative light. I try to account for my lost time. Without any means of measurement, I must endure until an opportunity presents itself. This is a temporal experience.  I focus on apprehending my fears as a single event in time. I must trust my perceptions to escape. The roof and walls are cold.  I experience the architect’s subliminal message. I know his place. It is I who dwell inside of his fear. What shall be done must be done. This revolving state cannot withstand my driving force. When my rotation is complete, four lives will enter into my cell of death. The medieval studded

The Abyss Stares Back

  The Rapid Creek Abyss Stares Back From the corruption and scandals of our colonial governments. And the just moral and social evolutions afforded. Far from the lands of despotism and aristocracy. The Empire shaped this land. The Abyss arrived. All those deaths made in silence. The instruments that silenced tongue, histories, and myth. The institutions that maintain silence.  The Rapid Creek Red Moon Eye Lunar malevolence. Fear of being attacked. Fear of being eaten. Cyclical predictions. Growth-based endeavors. An engineered future. An empire.  A sovereign state.  Conquering many territories. Subjecting people to one authority. Many cultures under one kingdom.   One kingdom one god. Subjugation. The wrath of one god. Enforced by law. Abyss The Character Of Storm Ill at ease. Discomfort and distress. Settlers breaking down. Opportunistic men. Of self-interest. In denial of atrocities committed. Structured towards blame-shifting. The rights of lordship. And those who fall outside of Go