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Ned Kelly State Dome

Lyre Bird
Darth and Prowl

Ned Kelly Death Mask

State Dome

Ned Kelly State Dome
Venerated and preserved In the house of the proper  Maintaining academic distance Sanitized discordance 
New Gods  Man Gods  Ancient Gods Non-conformist solutions to address new problems
Confined by experience Confirmed by previous learning
Our habits  Our routine Our prison

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Francis Transformer Chinatown Melbourne

Francis starts his journey in Melbourne With deep questions  Deep human questions Traveling in silence and adoration At loss
The end keeps returning Suddenly and unexpected Through like-minded people  Reinforced viewpoints Extreme opinions
And he couldn't run He was transfixed by technology
Not no longer a passive electrical device Their digital eyes  Their artificial intelligence
The enterprise grows  Vision as a service

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Picture Poems 2020

Bamford The Executioner His habits were very intemperate 
He obtained money from the Government  He squandered it In the company of the degraded  Of both sexes
They looked out for him  For when he left the gaol  With government money in his pocket They joined him in drunken orgies

Executioner's Hood Melbourne Cut poem
In a  land of salutary terror Instruments of violence were employed To inflict class suppression 
Onto the poor by the rich For acts of rebellion against owners
Putting the fear of death into them Terrifying and teaching them a lesson Employing execution for pacification
The tactics of imperial rule Resistance is demonstratively not tolerated Settler violence is reasoned Public executions are legitimized Violent acts are defended by the dominant participant
When power is in jeopardy Protect the exclusive class  By Building prosperity in the enemy's land By Assigning blame onto the victim

Melbourne Town needs a Bishop 1847 A Cathedral City
The establishment of a …

JJFBbennett Soundcloud Music Playlist

JJFBbennett Music

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Ambitious Artist Ha Ha Ha video

At the age of 60, I thought life would be much easier to understand
In the '80s, I was painting art inspired by Fauvist, Cobra and Art Brut artists
I wanted my art to be raw, powerful and primitive
I was investigating our psychological and physical barriers as they failed to protect
I wanted to paint self entrapment where sickness and resistance hid any possibility of outwardly demonstrating wellness.

Back in ‘81
Times were fun
As a fine artist
With ambition in mind
I thought of life

It was so primitive
From the 1860s to 1950s
They were seemingly untreatable
They were feared
There was panic
Colonies within a colony

A prison for the sick
Of appalling living conditions
Enforcing social isolation

A wish in time
Investing in negative sentiment

Invested in negative sentiment
Fabric and Structure

Pressed on for living
I have the need to know
Fleeting and impulsive distrust

A self-deprecating joke
I murmur in delight of my loss
I j…

Ulladulla Cut 2019

We only want to be provided clues  No longer do we want our problems answered From now on - dismantle and search Under this contractual biosphere  Knowing all of the hyped-up falsities The everyday inference My overvalued ideas  Our failed continuum 

It was always out of reach Barriers no matter how small  Barrier no matter how thin Have held me in sway
Cutthroat capitalism Empires and colonies Subjected new frontiers Past crimes held beyond reproach

My car is making me fat I no longer walk These streets are devoid of humans Nobody is noticing that everything is wrong Until a barbarian walks by Then cries of horror are heard

We come to catch a glimpse of the primitive The pre-capitalist primitive  The pre-Christian primitive With the convenience of coffee and shops Not quite the real thing Commodification Taking photos Buying artifacts

The Ulladulla Gatekeeper In tribute to Russell Drysdale In the greatness of the Gatekeeper's Wife The opposing force
Of our voice Of the audience  …