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Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 4-5

Across the first 3 to 4 days of walking around Jingili Water Gardens my thinking evolved from discovery and my understanding of the actual scope of commitment it will take to realize a creative breakthrough. My reflection efforts have been centered on observing my thinking and my thoughts about my thinking. I now realize that I have evaded thinking about my cognitive psychology and what I bring to the gardens each repeated activity. In short, the subconscious filters that inhibit my perceptions
As mentioned in previous reflections, I am a career educator and a fledgling artist, and I am preparing my exit from educational leadership and building my aspirations as a late-career artist. The repeated activity is intended to enable me to find a difference that can help support a transformation.
On the macro, when I entered my artistic and education-based careers, computers were not readily available. As such, the Fine Arts course I completed at RMIT was in oil painting and teacher training a…

Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 3-4

After 3 three days of enacting a forced repetitive activity, I am starting to feel obsessive. I have a clear mind, however, I am annoyed by not being able to achieve other to-do duties of the day. Not that walking through Jingili Water Gardens is overbearing. I am finding it pleasurable. The oxygen is clean, birds are singing, people are greeting and the temperature is wonderful. What I am finding obsessive is that writing a reflection is time-consuming. So to alleviate this pressure I am restricting my reflection from a daily event to incorporating two days of walking through Jingili Water Gardens into one reflection. Do I feel driven to engage in one reflection per activity? Yes.Do I feel anxiety and guilt for not achieving my goal? Yes.Did I underestimate the commitment? Yes.In three days I lost control of my task and had to reprocess how I am to achieve purpose without repurposing or letting go. My holiday intention was to not 'just do it' with the purpose of performing an …

Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 2

I have participated in previous holidays with urgency to experience something that I have not experienced before - a different country, a different city, and different tourist sites. I have a well-developed desire to travel and gain satisfaction through novel experiences. I have accepted that the consumption of difference is the basis of my creativity.
However, this holiday is passive and now intentionally regulated by maintaining a pattern of doing the same each day to reflect on the subtlety of difference. 
I'm not 'just doing it' for the sake of just doing it, at the same-ish time of day. On the same path through the same location, two days in a row, trying to establish my understanding of action within Jingil Water Garden within itself.  
So I am intentionally subjugating myself to perform in a linear succession day after day. In this manner, I bridge myself with yesterday, with today, and with tomorrow. A challenge of repetition to gain a deeper understanding of my creat…

Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 1

COVID-19 2020 has shut down my travels. 
So that now I'm on my annual mid-year break I have the time to question my actions. My employment is based on a formal strategy.  High pressure and doing it. 
COVID-19 has placed barriers onto my normality. The basis of this blog is questioning the 'just doing it' normality within the confines of COVID-19 restrictions. Understanding my actions within confinement -  'we cannot know things as they are in themselves' (Kant). 
On this basis, I have dedicated part of my holiday getting to know myself getting to know Jingili Water Gardens. In short, thinking about my experiences experiencing Jingili Water Gardens. 
My initial quandary is that I do not know if this blog is a response of being free to act within restrictions or is it a 'just do it' reaction imposed by confinement.  In other words, is this aesthetic of my own freedom or is it that of an outcome derived by that of an authoritative decision? 
If I walk around Jingil…

From One Penny to Utopia

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Many don't believe in ghosts Many don't believe they are ghosts But they exist And continue to consume the future Through hatred, anger and destruction Synthesizing the truth in our minds Purchasing our identity Until all originality is replaced  And the replica successfully re-emerges

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