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Super Touch overwhelms the Super highway

The digital world is moving fast. Public access to the Internet was only just over a decade ago. It has just left Primary School. It is a noisy Middle Schooler but will it get a completed Yr 12 score? Is the illusion about to bypass it?

09 Moodleposium Day 1 & 2

Moodleposium 7-8 September, 2009 Canberrajjfbbennett notesThe Moodleposium was fantastic - Many Universities are moving to Moodle as their WEBCT license comes to an end. 3 cheers for blackboard for making Moodle 'the option' as it turns 2.Official site Moodleposium
Moodle session 1 Keynote
Denise Kirpatrick, Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning, Teaching and Quality
Open University UK
open university is primarily Distance Ed with only 1 lecture room
Over 220,000 students with over 8000 lectures & tutors
Central academics create content - with media people as support - required an LMS which is easy to create with
UK wants to use online to regain academic status - as it has lost its leadership in international education - more effective leadership is required in online eLearning.
OU took a while to move to Moodle because big can mean slow to move
2004 selected Moodle
Reasons - OU saw Moodle as an opportunity to engage in world wide community - open-source seen as important place to be for e…