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Celeste Warrior Woman

Noble sins raised to the cause
Bend and break tradition
It was written it will be done
Hack and saw this new vision
Hack and saw a this new dream
No thought can be placed in front of us
Onward to history in splendour, grandeur and audacity

Within the mirth of failure and treachery
We must roust out all that conspire
Roust out and enforce our vengeance
To all who thawt our virtue
To those who must fear and embrace this for told memory
To all challenges, threats and of perilous deceit

Siege the defiant and deniers
Subjugate the populous  to our cause
Maintain the order of privilege
Cut all paths that divert from sacred discipline
Cut all opportunity and access to our sanctuary

They are those who speak with other tongues
They are those who display indecent behaviour
They are those who are misguided by intended lies
They are those who hate our way of life
Deny all oxygen that can inspire flames of dissent

This fight
Of this time
Of this memory

Celeste Once we were Gods

Say you lived
Say you were not trapped
From past exploits and in truth
After having desecrated with impunity
At a cost and at the probability of not being caught
When in the dream, with presence and being elsewhere intended
And in pleasure

Deep within where the monster always resides
In fear of reconciliation
In fear of embarrassment
In fear of being blamed
Guiding our best intentions

Once we were the gods
Reaping the fruits and goods
Taking our want
Forging new opportunities new conquests
Processing memory and establishing fact with authority

But only to be destined to forever look over our shoulder
In case we were spotted
In case we were held as accountable
In case we were not in god's plan after all
And in our monster, we implore and sustain our power game

Teachers with IMPACT - Eddie Woo


Celeste Mirror Imaginary Time

When I am your mirror
I am less dangerous
I know what it takes
To be yourself

You are reflected in my eyes
I am reflected in your eyes
You are within me
I am within you

We are now us
In empathy
In trust
In competition

How will you protect yourself?

Celeste Imaginary Time

When imaginary time becomes part of linear time Enlightening normal time  Transcendental experience As it is sensed As it matters and as it becomes real As real as in real time The gateway of everything as in that of realising self
The thing that is in front of you The thing that looks back at you The thing that you are not looking at though the looking glass The part that helps to explain the void within Compensating for fault Trying to maintain watch In the moment In one breath knowing why this is as it is Why you are not as you seem
In splendor, the thought appears A slither of knowing  The now I understand meaning That is without evidence of support That is not taught to us The inner world of dreaming things are just done In clear vision and in the action of doing what is right

Celeste Dark and Awake

Amongst ourselves and in godliness
We strive to wake
To remain
Comforted by the discovery
We are actually asleep at the same time
Knowing the  overwhelming willingness to accomplish
Despite this relentless drive whilst passively wanting to remain
In both conditions without fear of nightmare and actual

Asleep and striving to regain
Revived, refreshed and recalibrated
Ready to self-recognise the ending and starting point
This tangible reclaim
Held tightly to foundational primaeval desire
Time to turn back on
This space of differences
Of pre-birth, wakefulness, sleep and post-life.
And in play
In transformation
Recognising something else is there

Resigned to day to day thinking
And in the game to drive and stay focused
Momentarily experiencing the need to cry
For no reason falling down
Then there is this
I am within myself
Within the mechanics of life and within the larger awareness of waking
The surpass of heightened awareness
Glimpsing certainty pushing pass the point
Of ascending bac…

Celeste Darkened Emergence

Are you blind to your own needs?
Do you know when it is the optimum time to know yourself?

Not a day goes by without being in regret
Of desiring the capacity to try harder
Not a day goes by without wanting less
Of offloading baggage and wanting a simpler  life

Acting as a hostage
Acting as a victim
Never in question
Always in justification

Therein no requirement worth attempting
Other than when subjected to overwhelming want
Obligated to described paths
Paths of glory
Paths of victory

But what about you
Where are you going?
Are you alone?
Are we together?
Together and abandoned to the common cause
What is it?
The sense of  something wrong

News and announcements
Stories and manifestos
They or me and the 10 point plan to achievement
Engaged to fight and wanting to smash barriers

Whose side are you on?
You don't have to, however, your inaction is your testimonial
The ifs and buts that asphyxiate your ability to seize the opportunity
And the monetary cost
And the…