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Artist Statement Threat and Aesthetics

  The easiest way to enable change is to substantiate it with a threat. Politicians use threats to win elections and to ward off scrutiny. Leadership employs threats to make a structural change, and to build allegiance against a common enemy. Workers live under the threat of wage loss and increasing financial debt. Artists make aesthetic decisions under the threat of poverty. One-off sponsorship You Tube

Meme Onionmania

  Prejudge your conclusions. Put your rules on the table. Make your customer comply. Hey Hey. The pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate their life priorities. Flip flop Morrison. July 2020 - cannot lockdown. Covid-19. Lockdown. July 2021 - Lockdown will fix Morrissey. Fire in the belly is essential otherwise you become famous and meaningless. Credentialed journalists can be controlled. Citizen journalists are hard to control. Our right to repair the new normal. Artists want to perpetuate this idea that they are still chiseling with a hammer. It makes me laugh. I look forward to when we can live freer than in other states. NSW First. Gladys Berejiklian. Because we are more vaccinated.  Escape is not that futuristic but it is somewhat futuristic. Carpenter. The oppression of having to be like everyone else What we don't want is for there to be higher levels of virus circulating and spending a lot of time with a partially vaccinated population. I want to see an electric motorbike

Systemic Delusion Modellhut

  Don't shoot the messenger. Prominent missions. Persuasion and exposure. Denial and protection. Collaboration and denial. Espionage and love. Systemic delusion and culture. As night falls fast. The burden. The understanding. Awareness of the ladder. The subliminal inceptions. The stimuli. As time is taken. The accountability of fallen leaves. Vagrant clouds across the night sky. Accountability. The insinuated and sorrowful. And the corruption from within. Submitting to be changed. By a systemic imperative. Endowed through pressure and lip service. Night Fall Dress The histories that shaped today. All the long gone festivities. The outlined visions. The political alignments.  And the imposed norms. The threat of penalization. To systemize accountability. Formulating a principal-agent relationship A construct of Agency agreements Retainer agreements Covert agreements Demonstrated your loyalty To the most important player Your explicit behaviors of adherence  To established norms and