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Intelligent Systems Our Data Your Worth

How we move into the future is dependent on our ability to make sense Before fact is rationalised gut feeling is digested Before each step is taken we fall Dig deep into your values Enter into your hidden caves Delve deeply Find those values that emerge only once crisis and panic in evident The issue is time The problem is the compacting of intensity as each deadline approaches What will change ignores those who cannot Those who cannot change are left behind In isolation  As a useless dog barking at the cold dark night Once data is benchmarked Once the vision is realized Once pathways are scratched Once milestones are configured The journey is described The future becomes present Transverse within multitudes of mindscapes  Lose yourself within ifs and buts Intoxicate yourself within white ant whispers On your knees in harmonious prayer and in communal solitude  Within and already placed to the side The patterns of biomorphic

Godin Threat

The lessons of history are written by vested interests Where you placed your foot And which information you are were willing to consume That's fantastic, you were in control of something  But it changed Goodbye profitable time Reflect on what could have been What did you learn from the missed opportunity Now gain control by sponsoring the change  Along came a spider  How do you digest a threat? You were right here Now you are nowhere to be seen You have become the product And now your worth depends on your response Put your hands on your head On your knees On your eyes Did that make you feel better? Did you feel safer Rate your happiness Knowing that the spider is inside One to five stars One-off sponsorship You Tube

My Favourite Image of the Week 008

Image  This is not me, but I know I am there With similar wants and needs I am there every day Which ever context the terrain manifests I control my knowing of good fortune and my acknowledgement of existence There will only ever be now Put your best thought forward Let it enrich your presence Be your endeavor Make meaning Make your own history to strive forward Understand and plan yesterday's circumstances Make the already a given What was then the past, will be the fabrication of now Put aside the fragrant whispers, the promises of new Your game is determined by your placement Your unique contribution is determined by this context Your now is your past in disguise Forever borrowing, the language of sense making is reliant on yesterday's understanding What is done today was created yesterday and will determine  tomorrow

Intelligent Systems Future looks Backwards

Intelligent Systems: Future looks Backwards That is a lie Sir In this house of fear, your law does not abide No questions are asked,  no answers are given Manifested understanding is the transaction premise Where continuous ceremony induces parallel reality You cannot enter softened by law Where to shared misery and stealth is suffice When shared fear empowers control How we are at each other's back, ready to attack, ready to fear My church is disciplined to our vision Our constitution, our order, our prodigy, our marvelousness In our concoction of stench, mayhem is regulated And within, the sweet scent of exclusivity and the noise and the symbols of power we feed on each other We in brotherhood are unabandoned We are self-devoted to our purpose I as we What is to be achieved will be gained Sir, you have no jurisdiction in this domain You may enter under house rules You may enter under nomination You may enter under association And whilst you hang on, ou

My Favourite Image of the Week 007

OCTOPUS QUEEN #SFXMakeupArtist #ElenEmber (@embregim) A post shared by BETWEEN MIRRORS (@between.mirrors) on  Nov 9, 2017 at 4:36am PST Like the god industry, our failure is in our image making Recruitment to our image has been our detriment Our cultural enterprise is lost in its image We have fallen into our own reflection And we will eventually drown in this manifestation Without encouraging  dissent our story won't end well In this event of self-normalisation Unconscious bias flourishes. Legacies gain strength Bags become heavier Until it is only what we believe is what we see Without questioning nothing is gained No creativity No innovation No transformation No step forward Incremental stagnation clogs our veins Clogs our will Clogs our want The at-hand-problem is to enable thinking Within the individual Within the family Within the school Within the community Within the organization Within the nation Within bilateral partnerships Que