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eduTECH 2013 Government and Corporate Congress reflection 1

eduTECH 2013: Blog 1 reflection Disclosure This reflection is based on my personal opinions and learnings gained from attending a variety of keynotes and presentations at EduTECH 2013 Brisbane Australia.
Key Notes and Presentations 3 - 4 June 2013 The conference contained an exceptional array of presentations and I was only able to attend  a fraction of what was offered. The array of presentations I was able to attend was titled  Corporate Government Learning Congress. I attended the following presentations; Drive: What the science of motivation can teach us about high performance - Daniel PinkRethinking Education - Salman KhanWorking and learning smarter with the 70:20:10 model - Charles JenningsIt's in the "APP"lication: Technology + learning = capability - Peter FerreiraShaping Australian Curriculum - Barry McGawThe creative technology revolution you cannot ignore - Gary StagerDesign thinking to create The Living Organisation - Ewan McIntoshMajor trends and deriving fo…