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Darwin streets on a motorcycle: James Hird

Leadership and the scream of fault. It seems to go so slow, Then when it happens, it seems so fast. Once within,' Once within a psychological grip, Once within responsive emergence, Once within reptilian consciousness. The scream of fault, The empathy, the denial, the bloodlet. Only baggage from this point on. Where does James Hird find gain? What responsibilities should I pass onto his burden? How many opinions should he attend to? Within this dangerous intersection of loss. How do leaders gain the necessary abilities to enter and navigate dangerous intersections. Once the path is enacted on, the configuration of artifacts morph. The unseen is then seen. The terms of what I now see are the outputs of Hirds decisions. I have been altered by Hird's decisions I now exert my opinion on Hird's decisions. When does the collective actions stop and reset. When does normality resume control? Within a new place On a new map within a new landscape. A new environment of values

Darwin street on a motorcycle: Rapid Creek Intersection

If only intersections in life were as simple. Rule regimentation and certainty of course. But you know that I know, and I know that you know, this passage is about unknowns. The passage is not free, but it is? The passage is directed by unconscious decision making. -STOP- Cars = 1 ton of death It is about time, space and particles smashing. Each particle a death note. The intersection is seemingly passive, under the control of purpose. When error occurs it's a death intersection. If it is so hard to see danger in this intersection, how is it possible within a point in life.

Darwin Streets on a motorcycle: Sprigg

The starting point This is the starting point. However, my starting points are flexible and never reliable. For this reason I have started in the middle. Although a street has a starting and finishing point, the stories of in-between are what I am interested in. There is nothing ordinary in ordinary. You don't have to be a christian to be a christian. You don't have to be an American to feel powerful. You don't have to ride a motorcycle to feel the road. The problem is, there is too much road.

Godin Youth Force Sickness

Godin Youth Godin Youth, it has never been easy. This. It looks like you have been here before. Is. But you haven't. Not. Wake your seniors from their slumber, before you begin to drift. For. As sleep walkers, they are only accepting what may have been. You. Godin Force Godin Force,  is a warrior who has taken many sides. Who. There is no truth,  there is only battle . Do. There is no purpose,  there is only battle . You. There is no virtue,  there is only battle . Want. Battle to win or battle to lose, there in no difference. To Be? Godin Sickness Godin Sickness, awakens us from consumption. At.  Deliver us from the pleasure of spending.  What.  Around and around this centre we hover. Point Too sick to fling off  and discover meaning.  Is Too weak to maintain concentration, above this insatiable hunger.  Too much?  One-off sponsorship You Tube