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21st Century Learner - Teacher - Leader - School

21st Century Learner

The 21st Century Learner requires 21st Century Teachers

The 21st Century Teacher requires 21st Century School Leaders

The 21st Century Leaders vision 21st Century Schools

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Technological Change and Social Good

It is not about innovative technological change, its about new forms of value or social good

Lets not start innovation off with: The technology and the marketing plan

Continuous Analytical Reflections from Alex17436579

 Lets start off by: Engaging a deeper human need for meaning, for contribution, for sharing the future journey together.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Future public transport: The straddling bus

Tired of traffic jams and exhaust fumes? A recently unveiled design concept for a "straddling bus," which lets cars drive underneath, can not only save road space but also help reduce air pollution.

The passenger compartment spans two traffic lanes and sits high above the road surface on a pair of stilts,leaving the road clear for ordinary cars to pass underneath.

Regardless of whether the the bus is moving or not, cars under 2 meters high can easily pass through.

Running along special tracks, the bus can carry up to 1,400 passengers, and travel at a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Being too Busy to Think

The BIG Issue: Exhausted Teachers cannot reform

For so many reasons most teachers I talk to say that they are busy. Busier year after year.  

Burnout often affects people in helping professions: lawyers, doctors, social workers, managers and teachers, among others. For teachers, working with students means constantly trying to respond to their needs while simultaneously meeting the various demands of the organisation. When teachers feel that there is a mismatch between all these demands and the available resources they have for coping with them, stress is induced. The usual culprits mentioned are: lack of time, ideas, materials, expertise and support.

This is not unusual

  • Almost half of new teachers leave the profession in their first year because of an excessive workload and 'exhausted and stressed colleagues', a union leader has warned.
  • The number has tripled in six years, according to an analysis of figures by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL).
  • The most recent statistics show that in 2011, around 10,800 newly-qualified teachers did not take up a teaching post – up from 3,600 in 2005. 
  • Around 40 per cent of newly-qualified teachers were not in the classroom after a year in 2011 – compared to 20 per cent in 2005.

Teaching Is The Most Exhausting Job I've Had

Reform Failure
‘... it is more difficult to find evidence that classrooms have improved or even fundamentally changed as a result of the many reform initiatives; and indeed the persistent failure of educational change is a common theme in the literature (Sarason 1990, Fullan 1993, Cuban 1998, Spillane 1999) (Wallace 2011).

Learning from Failure
Can schools' learn from failures to reform, and embrace a society that requires citizens to have the skills and capacities to adapt and change. 
Have schools resigned to the continuation of failure and are inept to reform due to teacher fatigue?

Sunday, May 22, 2016


I am the King
I am the Queen
I am your King
I am your Queen

Not even Napoleon
Even Napoleon
Not even Napoleon
could stop me 
Not even Napoleon could stop me with his guillotine

Shower me with your tributes
Shower me with your dedication
Shower me with your presents
Now get out of my way

Australian Bogan Word list

Bogan Word list

How many of these words will Aussie pollies drop this election?
Anzac, Anzacs, Anzac Day (i.e. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)
Aria Awards, Arias (music awards presented by the Australian Recording Industry Association; the Australian equivalent of the Grammys and the Brits)
asylum-seeker (someone who has applied for asylum in a country not their own and who is awaiting a decision as to their status as a refugee)
bloody (colloquial, intensifier signifying approval or disapproval)
bludger (colloquial, a lazy person who lives off the generosity of others)
bogan (colloquial, mildly derogatory, a person, generally from an outer suburb of a city or town and from a lower socioeconomic background, viewed as uncultured)
bonzer (not bonza) (colloquial, excellent)
boofhead (colloquial, a fool, typically a male)
bro, bra, budda, brudda (all are acceptable, male friend or relative)
burl (“Give it a burl!”) (colloquial, to make an attempt)
cab sav (colloquial, cabernet sauvignon)
chardy (colloquial, chardonnay)
Chrissie pressie (colloquial, Christmas present)
cossie (colloquial, abbreviation, swimming costume)
coward punch (term adopted by the Australian media and lawmakers to refer to king hit/one-punch assaults)
daggy (colloquial, 1. dirty; slovenly; unpleasant. 2. conservative and lacking in style, especially in appearance)
deadly (colloquial, excellent)
derro (colloquial, a vagrant, especially one with an unkempt or unhealthy appearance)
devvo (colloquial, abbreviation, devastated)
dole (payment by the government to an unemployed person)
doona (a bedspread)
Down Under (colloquial, Australia)
durry (colloquial, a cigarette)
esky (colloquial, a portable icebox)
festy (colloquial, abbreviation, infested, dirty or nasty)
footy, football (both terms can refer to either Australian rules football or rugby league, but not soccer)
Fuckin’ ‘ell (colloquial, a curse that indicates surprise)
g’day (colloquial, abbreviation, good day)
galah (1. a small cockatoo endemic to Australia. 2. colloquial, a fool, who is more often than not an empty-headed individual)
goon (1. a thug. 2. a stupid person. 3. cheap wine)
goon bag (colloquial, the bladder from a cheap cask of wine)
houso (colloquial, derogatory, a person who lives in a housing commission home, typically funded by state or federal government; use with care)
idiot box (colloquial, a television set)
jackaroo (a young man working on a sheep or cattle station)
jillaroo (a young woman working on a sheep or cattle station)
kindy (abbreviation, kindergarten)
kindergarten (first year of schooling, term used in ACT and New South Wales)
larrikin (colloquial, an uncultivated, mischievous, often good-hearted person)
Macca’s (colloquial, abbreviation, the fast-food chain McDonald’s)
maggotmaggoted (colloquial, the state of being when you’ve imbibed a bit too much)
mozzie (colloquial, abbreviation, mosquito)
nah (colloquial, no)
nark (colloquial, 1. an informer. 2. a complaining person. 3. someone who is always interfering and spoiling the pleasure of others; spoilsport.)
nipper (colloquial, a junior lifesaver)
ocker (colloquial, the archetypal uncultivated Australian)
one-punch law (a law creating a special category of manslaughter for perpetrators of fatal king hit assaults, with harsher penalties than are possible for manslaughter)
onya (colloquial, good on you!)
outback, the (remote, sparsely inhabited country often romanticised in Australian literature and film)
pants (trousers; rarely underwear)
pash (colloquial, to kiss, passionately)
pash rash (colloquial, the rash around one’s lips when the kissing was too prolonged and perhaps too passionate. Typically suffered during school years 8-12)
pav (colloquial, abbreviation, pavlova, a dessert made of whipped, cooked egg whites and sugar)
pinger (an ecstasy pill)
pollie speak (colloquial, a term used to describe political spin or talking points used by politicians at public or media events)
pot (also called a handle or middy. A glass of beer of approximately 285ml)
prep (first year of schooling, term used in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria)
pre-primary (first year of schooling, term used in Western Australia)
program (in all instances)
quid, make a (colloquial, money)
rack off (colloquial, “go away, please”)
ranga (colloquial, derogatory, a red-headed person)
rekt (abbreviation, wrecked; colloquial, exhausted; ill or weak because of fatigue or overindulgence in food, drink, etc.)
rellies (colloquial, blood relatives, family)
root (colloquial, 1. an act of sexual intercourse. 2. a sexual partner, e.g. she was an easy root)
ropeable (colloquial, extremely angry or bad-tempered)
schoolie (chiefly in Qld and NSW, a high school student who has completed their final exams)
schoolies week (a week in which aforementioned schoolie travels to a designated place to party/holiday together)
schooner (a glass of beer of approximately 425ml)
scull (colloquial, to consume [a drink] at one draught)
servo (colloquial, abbreviation Service station)
shorts (short trousers; not underwear)
soccer (a game commonly referred to as football in pretty much all other countries in the world bar the US)
Speedo (a brand of swimming costume)
speedos (a close-fitting swimming costume made of some synthetic fabric and used especially in competitive swimming, for men comprising a pair of briefs. Also known as budgie-smugglers)
Straya (vernacular, Australia)
strewth (colloquial, abbreviation, an exclamation expressing surprise)
tinnie (colloquial, 1. a can of beer. 2. a boat with an aluminium hull)
tinny (colloquial, lucky)
tracky dacks (colloquial, sportswear, tracksuit pants)
tradie (a tradesperson)
try-hard (a person who attempts to make friends and influence people without success)
un-Australian (not Australian in character)
undies (colloquial, abbreviation underwear)
wag (colloquial, to not attend school or work, not to be mistaken for the acronym)
vego (colloquial, a vegetarian)
wog (colloquial, derogatory, loosely used to describe someone foreign in origin, especially of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance; use with care)
XXXX (pronounced Four X, a brand of beer popular in Queensland)
yakka (colloquial, typically associated with the phrase “hard yakka”, physical labour)
year 1-13 (schooling for those ages 6-18)
zonked (colloquial, exhausted. Also zonked out)

Nicola Harvey
BuzzFeed Staff, Australia

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

And as the day fled west

And as the day fled west

So did my consciousness

There can only be one
So my problems began


Tuesday, May 17, 2016


#factcheck or #gutfeeling

Which one do you rely on to make decisions?



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hey Charger

My Favourite Australian Car

The Charger

Never owned one
Never driven one
Never been a passenger in one
But love 'em

Valiant Charger VH
The VH Charger was introduced in August 1971. The Charger R/T E49 in June 1972, and Charger E55 340 in October 1972. The lineup in the beginning included the Charger, Charger XL, R/T Charger, and the luxury 770 Charger. Due to the uproar over "Supercar" which were dubbed "bullets on wheels", the VH model also saw the demise of the R/T Charger and their souped up engines.

VH Charger R/T E38
Hemi 265 linked to a 3 speed manual with a top speed of 203 km/hr
0-100 km/hr in 6.4 secs
Standing 400 m in 15.0 secs

VH Charger E49
Hemi 265 linked to a 4 speed manual with a top speed of 216 km/hr
0-100 km/hr in 6.1 secs
Standing 400 m in 14.1 secs
(Australia's fastest production car)

Valiant Charger VJ
The Valiant Charger VH was introduced in March, 1973 and included in its line-up the Charger, Charger Xl, Charger 770, and the Limited Edition Charger Sportsman.

VJ Charger XL
Hemi 265 linked to a four speed manual with a top speed of 176 km/hr
0-100 km/hr 9.6 sec
Standing 400 m 17.5 secs

Valiant Charger VK
The Valiant Charger VK was introduced in October 1975 and the lineup was reduced to the Charger XL and Charger 770
The 360 V8 was introduced with the VK model.

VK Charger XL
Hemi 265 linked to a three speed automatic with a top speed of 179 km/hr
0-100km/hr in 10.9 secs
Standing 400m  in 17.9 secs
Valiant Charger CL

The Valiant Charger CL was introduced in October 1976 and only the Charger 770, and a Limited Edition Charger Drifter were offered to the public. The Hemi 215 was discontinued, and due to stricter emission laws, all engines suffered a drop in power and torque. Chrysler Corporation only released figures for the Hemi 265 of 109 kW @4800 rpms and 288 Nm @ 3000 rpms. However, this drop was not as great as the drop suffered by Ford and GMH.
Information from

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reform failure & Classrooms

Reform Failure & Classroom: The Matrix

‘... it is more difficult to find evidence that classrooms have improved or even fundamentally changed as a result of the many reform initiatives; and indeed the persistent failure of educational change is a common theme in the literature (Sarason 1990, Fullan 1993, Cuban 1998, Spillane 1999) (Wallace 2011).

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You stay the same apathetic you
You take the red pill, the story begins. You transform with stimulation

Blue pill: 7 Stages of Change Inertia       Red pill: 7 Stages of Change Behaviour

  1. I don’t know: Ignorance
  2. I don’t want to know: Rejection
  3. I can’t: Inability
  4. It won’t work: Pessimism
  5. It’s too hard: Complication
  6. I couldn’t be bothered: Apathy
  7. I’ll get them back: Undermine

  1. I know I should: Knowledge
  2. I want to: Desire
  3. I can: Skills
  4. It’s worthwhile: Optimism
  5. It’s easy: Facilitation
  6. I’m joining in: Stimulation
  7. Well done: Reinforcement
(Robinson 1998)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Natural Sound Generator

Use this free tool to play nature sounds on headphones while reading or meditating or just for fun.

A great tool for students to create a natural sound immersed classroom