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Hole in the Wall: Park and Shop

What has been visioned as a cleanly planned future. With all boxes ticked. Harmonious with nature, functional and efficient. The promises that life is good. Living the advertisement. Park your car under a tree and shop.

Hole in the Wall - Roundabouts

Hole in the Wall - Roundabouts IT THINKS MY MIND It keeps happening. Every time I stop to think. My thoughts spin. I cannot grasp my mind. IT THINKS MY MIND

Hole in the Wall - Symmetrical Plant

There is a Hole in the Wall - A Symmetrical Plant In our own image We need to pull back  From the foolishness of exponential growth We are fooled by prosperity To self beautify To make our calm  To make our peace As predictable, we can excel By removing the haste of opportunity  By denying meaningless indulgence And the chaos of exploitation To deny the few that gain Over the many that sacrifice And in the unremarkable, we can be precious One-off sponsorship You Tube