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My favourite image of the Week 005

Seymour Standing under a Tree, 1859 Whistler, James McNeill American, 1834 - 1903 In all relationships, there is a need to admire. Whether in your family or whether in your place, stop and admire. Who you are and what you have become. In transience enjoy the spectre of admiration. Enjoy the dread of mortality. Enjoy the sense of self-passing. Enjoy your individual acts.  They are short in time. Admire your shortened moments. In space that lingers. Within your key constructs of your inner-self. There is time to self-evaluate and self-praise. In this short time build your own sense of self-worth. Are you able to predict your condition? Are you able to restore your own behaviour? Are you the property  owner of your oneself? Are you the object of your environment? Are you the inhabitant of your condition? Are you in control of your laboratory? Stand within your problem. Orientate to recognise your placed within this transient realm. And i

Intelligent Systems Apartment view

If I was to design a city It would be based on palm fronds Folding, sweeping, bending and contorting to landform Branching and networking in organic and rhythmic juxtapositions Interconnection and transposing within changing directions Allowing for air flow Allowing for negative space Allowing for intertwinement The grid buried beneath, as an ancient relic   

My favourite image of the Week 004

Breakfast piece Herbert Badham1936 There are multiple reference points There are multiple perspectives I am on the ladder I am against the ceiling I am standing in authority I am not sitting with her I am not with her I must continually juxtapose Within this disorientation, the arrangement is seemingly orderly The painter, the authoritative who cannot decide The seated lost within time and place The pawn as the egg waiting on removal Should I be more concerned with the flowers precarious standing on edge Or the sense of a contained cell-like melancholy A draughtsman at loss with the within presence

My favourite image of the Week 003

Death Note Shinigami Ryuk From above Watching, casting and preying Crossing boundaries of belief Interpretations of self, questioning justice, making profound decisions Buried deep within, a want to make meaningful action Lost in transversed boredom Lost within duty There is no care whilst self seeking empathy Accepting the forbidden to forsake folly, deceit and corruption This game is deception In this game temptation is formed by opportunity and the seeking of help The partnership of do good and the intent Place, situation and delusion

Intelligent Systems Fall

Was there was a way to resolve? Before the slaughter began If there was a to reconcile? The living would have fewer martyrs? Why are the decisions of the few never questioned and made accountable? And, is it more important to believe than to know? This base position of recklessness  determines a lasting continuum of falling from, hiding from, excusing and reevaluating known-ness So the machine keeps propagating The fallen gave their's so we can have ours With full adoration and support from the populace Who have never known to over think With keeping it simple stupid flattening progressive analysis Questioning has become demonstratively disrespectful The most palatable deceptions are those that are thin and moral. Mantras of nonsense The predetermined dead fall as expected To reconcile worthlessness the predetermined dead are held up in esteem Our authoritative must build this destination Our  authoritative must not self-doubt in hopeless realization Our au

Park and Shop

What has been visioned as a cleanly planned future. With all boxes ticked. Harmonious with nature, functional and efficient. The promises that life is good. Living the advertisement. Park your car under a tree and shop.

Leading Britain's populous trainwreck

Image At its height (1922), the British Empire governed a fifth of the world’s population and a quarter of the world’s total land area. In general and in the main the British public are proud of their country’s role in colonialism and the British Empire. In 1899 Alfred Russel Wallace referred to colony people as subject races and British colony management as a strange mixture of good and evil. Evil being the man-made famines, slave trading, ethnic cleansing and day-to-day violence of empire. Now that the evil has been forgotten (scratched out), the colonial era is viewed as the long-lost empire. YouGov found  44 percent  were proud of Britain’s history of colonialism. It is obvious to me that British education system needs to include Britain's imperial brutality to shift this misunderstanding.  https://static.ind