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Social Networks & Education

Its so big that business & education cannot ignore it. When you want something you want to read about it. You want to make a critical decision. You read blogs. You check forums. You ask someone you trust. How we gain information and use information is different. The teachers, the trainers and the instructors are the same. They haven't crossed over. What happens when the students ae going in a different path to their teacher? Disengaged students? Students not recognizing the value of schools? Teachers & schools need a new strategy. Schools need to develop a social media strategy Not to block but to exploit. Social media is not authorative based it is influence based. Strategies to engage engagement. Strategies for inclusion. Strategies for co-creation.
Social media is an ecosystem. It is a flat system supporting complexity. It's about people interacting with people. It's about influence. It's about communication. It is not about passive reception. It is cognitive. It is about respect of …