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Francis Transformer Chinatown Melbourne

Transformer Pontianak Francis Peter Francis starts his journey in Melbourne With deep questions  Deep human questions Traveling in silence and adoration At loss The end keeps returning Suddenly and unexpected Through like-minded people  Reinforced viewpoints Extreme opinions And he couldn't run He was transfixed by technology Not no longer a passive electrical device Their digital eyes  Their artificial intelligence The enterprise grows  Vision as a service One-off sponsorship You Tube

Picture Poems 2020

Five Eyes and Two Sorcerers Perpetuating wartime structures  Through peacetime violence Maintaining cultures of force An everyday daily life experience Simply acceptable Postcolonial trauma From royal decree to state legitimization The removal of customary values  As basis for social order Continuous socio-economic upheaval To prioritize revenue gain Enforced understanding  Of where each and every one stands All for those at the top Resources Benefits For those at the bottom Lower health status Political disarmament Today’s students Our 21st-century students Their lifetime  Their field of experience Their augmentation Their application of digital technologies They are the ones who will drive our values forward Are our values fit for purpose?  Bamford The Executioner His habits were very intemperate  He obtained money from the Government  He squandered it In the company of the degraded  Of both sexes They looked out for him  For when he left the gaol  With go