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Francis Transformer Chinatown Melbourne

Francis starts his journey in Melbourne With deep questions  Deep human questions Traveling in silence and adoration At loss
The end keeps returning Suddenly and unexpected Through like-minded people  Reinforced viewpoints Extreme opinions
And he couldn't run He was transfixed by technology
Not no longer a passive electrical device Their digital eyes  Their artificial intelligence
The enterprise grows  Vision as a service

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Picture Poems 2020

Bamford The Executioner His habits were very intemperate 
He obtained money from the Government  He squandered it In the company of the degraded  Of both sexes
They looked out for him  For when he left the gaol  With government money in his pocket They joined him in drunken orgies

Executioner's Hood Melbourne Cut poem
In a  land of salutary terror Instruments of violence were employed To inflict class suppression 
Onto the poor by the rich For acts of rebellion against owners
Putting the fear of death into them Terrifying and teaching them a lesson Employing execution for pacification
The tactics of imperial rule Resistance is demonstratively not tolerated Settler violence is reasoned Public executions are legitimized Violent acts are defended by the dominant participant
When power is in jeopardy Protect the exclusive class  By Building prosperity in the enemy's land By Assigning blame onto the victim

Melbourne Town needs a Bishop 1847 A Cathedral City
The establishment of a …