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Fallen from a Great Height

  The Descending Fog It is not the misadventure of accidentally falling in. Or the fear of being pushed in. It is the normalization of staying in. And losing the courage to climb out. When nothing seems worth the effort. We keep our secrets and despairs silent. And foolhardily flout stupidity as optimism. A leap of faith. A whisper on a breeze. A gust of wind. A beam of light. The disparities of wealth and power, Have enabled growth-based failure. What is mine, Has prevented us from taking urgent action. On the significant global issues. The first impact on the biosphere. The second impact on the biosphere. The third impact on the biosphere. The fourth impact on the biosphere Aura Sylle and Tartarus These doors open to the deep abyss. To the land down under. Where a royal corrections corporation kick-started a nation. For more profit. With bonuses for doing better. Proving yourself acceptable. With space to innovate. Within an over-incarcerated population. The distress of the unknown 

Enter the Portal

  Enter the Portal Not all stories are defined by the starting point. But once authorized it is never to be altered. The present is fortified by the past. The future is determined and foreseen. From a capitalist perspective. Enter the Portal Marchosias The great and mighty commander It is all about strength Power  And motivation One-off sponsorship You Tube

Meme Heterotrophs

  While North America and Europe are asleep. Australia is awake. Relocate. The beauty phenomenon. Givenness and in excess. All-American beauty. Their women are the most beautiful. Their men are the most virile. USA exported US$107m worth of frozen beef to China in July. Australia exported US$35m worth of frozen beef to China in July. The USA leapfrogged Australia as the leading exporter of frozen beef to China. Australia is the loser. Ambiguous shared values Excluding Muslims from citizenship. Authoritarian occupation of Jammu-Kashmir. Widespread police brutality. Enlightened self-interest. Exporting recording high volumes of coal to India. Vaccine rollout is "not a race". The sooner we get there, the sooner we get there. Confused. Evoking. Ancient history and myth. One ecstatic impulse. Industrialization. Escape from ancient narratives. To a new order of continuous disruption. Outsourcing public housing is a failure. The stock of available housing for low-income people is

The Room of Order

  LDRSHIP Seven values Seven deadly sins The paradigm of reformation From the existing form Through institutional policy And conditioned I was once broken And now I am restored Empty Vessel Room Chaos Observation Values Order The unity of the four corners of the earth And the Holy Trinity Made me be an empty vessel   One-off sponsorship You Tube