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  Manila's SKYBRIDGE to SHOPPING HEAVEN Description: Join me on an exhilarating journey through the skies of Manila! We'll traverse the De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views of the city's vibrant skyline and bustling streets. Feel the energy of Makati as we stroll above the traffic, exploring this unique urban oasis. Discover the seamless connection between convenience and luxury as this skybridge leads us to a shopper's paradise, where world-class dining and retail therapy await. Don't miss this insider's look at Manila's most stylish secret! Keywords: Manila, De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, Makati, Philippines, skywalk, walking tour, aerial view, city views, urban landscape, shopping district Hashtags: #Manila #Philippines #Makati #DeLaRosaWalkway #Skybridge #TravelPhilippines #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #WalkingTour #CityViews #UrbanLandscape #HiddenGem #TravelGuide #VisitPhilippines #LuxuryShopping #Shopping #videoart #travel

Digital Literacy Tools

This is a list of on-line tools that can be used in education. It is an extensive list with many ways of application. The list is not complete. Bookmarking Tools Clip Clip -> ClipClip is, essentially, a social bookmarking tool that allows you to save and collect the sites and stuff you treasure most. you can ‘clip’ pictures, applications, and paragraphs without having to take from the whole website itself. ClipClip works, more or less, as your own personal scrapbook. -> Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. With emphasis on the power of the community - Bookmark any site on the Internet, and get to it from anywhere Share your bookmarks, and get bookmarks in return Discover the most useful and interesting bookmarks on the web Diigo -> Diigo provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research producti