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Time and Distraction reflection

Time and Distraction reflection Reflection on competing needs Plan to Plan Start the day with a 10-minute planning space Delegate to technology Use technology effectively to cut out duplication and repetition Use a variety of memory-based approaches Hearing, Text, Visual and Tactile Enable Planning Learning Planning processes Remove Procrastination Self reflect on organizational practices Develop a can-do mindset I Can't Get My Work Done: An hour per day of distracted time translates into $10,375 of wasted productivity per person per year, assuming an average salary of $30/hour.  That is more than the average U.S. driver will spend this year to own and maintain a car, according to the Automobile Association of America (AAA).  Toggling between multiple applications/windows/tabs/items on the desktop contributes to the problem of distraction, along with using multiple devices at the same time.  45% of survey respondents keep at least six items open simultaneously,

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