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Celeste Sign Post Conspiracy

Sign Post Conspiracy

From rule by decent
To those expediated as expendable
In the eleventh hour, promises emerge
The giver of all things makes good
Over and over again we are held by this belief
And as all is repeated
We await for as normal becomes

Whether as serpent
Whether as ignorant
Everything is under control
In conspiracy
In cannibalism
In capitalism
We gather in order and rank

Underneath, traditions perpetuate
Inspirations bubble and pop
Popular legends are repurposed
Symbols are redrawn
Gods and superheroes are mashed
Massacres are forgotten
Eventually, everything is explained away
As conspiracy justify the void within self

Nightcliff Consumed

The mind-forged manacles I hear
Far from it
This and forever more
Assumptions made in important ways
Systems of control
The devouring function of capitalism
A loss of self to enable ownership
Someone's loss for someone's gain

(Tribute to William Blake)

Glass Ceiling Panoptic

I am
I am unreachable
And yet
Here I am

You know I am
Watching you
But you cannot see me
Watching you

I am experimental
I am power
A symbol
Of discipline
Of harmony

I am practical
I am monumental
I am prosperity
I am achievement
You hear only one story
My story

Glass Ceiling See Me

You Know I am Watching you But You cannot see me Watching you

Moon Tree

Get out of my way said the car to the pedestrian You are crossing my road The one I pay taxes for Next time I'll run you down
The trees and the moon said nothing They have seen it all before

Night Wall

Yes I see you
And you see me
Looking up at you

Our shared curse
In the games we play
Together in chain
The many in us
And the one in you

Shop Wall

When I don't think, is it a problem? Does it matter when the moon doesn't think? We built a wall across China Only for a saboteur to let them in Then to realize that it was the wall that required our protection Protection from ourselves Build then protect Just like God

The Deep Dive

I trusted someone I should have feared In reputation and in authority The person I was The person I became
Enter the trap fearlessly Exit meekly
Hold the line Scared  Hidden by silence Slain  Without salvation Pitied
So many

Locked Sign

What was I thinking
When I tried to break through
The one dimension of myself
The one I actually knew


My Holy Ghost is an owl
She watches over me
To prey on my fear

Meme Rapid Creek Moon

The path of convenience Stop looking down And in that moment I looked up
Explain away And Reflect in the glow of a genius To See as you have never seen before Describe the guilt To ask the big questions
I have an idea But where do I start Think it Start it What's it called Doing business
We live in hope But We don't know So we live in hope Of Knowing the truth