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What is Manga? part 3

What is Manga - is a research-based unit/tutorial plan for Year 10 students > Free to use and alter
Recommended (prior) reading: Part 1 Part 2Learning Requirements and Success Criteria Learning Requirements: Develop the skills to employ digital software to construct an effective design. Success Criteria: You will demonstrate a greater understanding of what is a good Manga Business Card design CRAP.You will demonstrate greater skills in applying Inkscape to construct a Manga Business Card.Expectation 1 You are expected to complete 3 requirements: Requirement 1: You will upload an example of a Manga Business Card and reflect on why you chose it.Requirement 2: Video Tutorial Basic Business Card.Requirement 3: Design your own Business Card - Design a Business Card.Expectation 2You will create your own Manga Business Card. Requirement 1 To complete this requirement, you will upload an example of a Manga Business Card into the Requirement 1: Investigate an example of a Manga Business Card Forum…

What is Manga? part 2

What is Manga - is a research-based unit/tutorial plan for Year 10 students > Free to use and alter
Recommended (prior) reading:Part 1 
Part 2: Creation of a Manga BadgeLearning Requirements: Develop the skills to employ digital software to design effective designs.Success Criteria: You will demonstrate a greater understanding of what is a good Manga Badge design.You will demonstrate greater skills in applying Inkscape as a vector design tool.Expectations SummaryExpectation 1:You are expected contribute to the Forum: Manga Badge Skill Development by addressing 4 requirements. (Teacher sets up an online forum/discussion board) Requirement 1: You will upload an example of a Manga Badge (an internet search)and reflect on why you chose it.Requirement 2: Inkscape Basic Shapes TutorialRequirement 3: Inkscape - Drawing a cartoonRequirement 4: Inkscape - Draw an iconRequirements 1 to 4 are to be uploaded into the online forum/discussion board.
WARNING: The Forum is a place where you are able to …

What is Manga? part 1

What is Manga - is a research-based unit/tutorial plan for Year 10 students > Free to use and alter
Learning Requirements and Success CriteriaLearning Requirements: Understand, analyze, and evaluate the impact of social and/or ethical issues related to information-processing and publishing technologies.Success Criteria: You will demonstrate a greater cultural understanding of the characteristics and conventions of Manga art through a study of Japanese artists.You will demonstrate a greater understanding of how information-processing and publishing technologies employ Manga art.Expectations Expectation 1: You will need to participate in the WHAT IS MANGA forum by addressing 2 requirements: Requirement 1: You must post your ideas and thoughts on Manga into the forumRequirement 2: You must reply to other classmates ideas and thoughts on Manga WARNING: The Manga forum is a place to share ideas and thoughts on Manga. You must respect each other's ideas and thoughts. NO TROLLING is allowe…

Godin Sickness animation

Godin Sickness, awaken us from our consumption. AT
Deliver us from our pleasure of spending.
Around and around the center we gather and prey.
Too sick to fling off and venture and discover meaning.
Too weak to maintain concentration, a continuous distraction, a wanted insatiable hunger.

Godin Waiting

Godin Waiting  I have been in-waiting to go, for far too long. Wanting to change, to improve, to transform.  Now I am stuck in this place of best practices.  All the pre-planning, all the strategy, the tactics, and motivation is fading away. Step one, two, and three are now at mercy to this real-world placement. This waiting room, a monstrous social construct contained through collective intuition.
All who have experienced disregard, within chant of 'be patient', have found their way into this room.  The fight to climb and to gain authority eventually leads to waiting.  The eventuality - all worn out by the fight within itself. Only to become the shell of what could have been and was now has ever-been.  Increments and trinkets of discarded shells underscored by the need to profit.  Shedding the skins of splendor and replaced by titles and agents of authority. I am within the placement of a utilized progression cue. Nothing out of the normal really. I know I must wait my turn.

Godin Surveillance

I'm listening to you.
I never ever wanted to get this close to you.
But I had to listen to you.
I never knew the things I needed to know of you.
Yes I wanted to.
Why oh why do you not trust my knowledge of you.
I can protect you.
Your safety is all I ever wanted to protect.
You cannot talk to me.
It's what you say and do, that is ever so important to us.
You cannot inspect me.
Your data is secret and you may never know what I know of you.

If we can save but one life, this surveillance is well-worth the money spent.
If you have nothing to hide, we will take no action against you.
Your data is safe, we place priority on your security.
Our nation needs your help, to make your life safe from threat and hate.
It is evil times, I am your listening for your own good.
We are good, and we are determined to make good.
We are working with you, to ensure your life is safe.
We are listening to you, to ensure all know we are safe.
We are a preemptive service, here to protect our way of life.
Evil times require…

Online Participation Strategy

Developing an Online Participation Strategy
This video is about creating a learning participation strategy. That is, for Teachers to create a strategy to actively activate students to participate within online learning environments. Its about, Teacher employing participation data to increase learning participation.

The AITSL professional teaching standards provides a strong teaching reference for quality online teaching practices.  To improve online teaching programs that sponsor increased learning participation, teachers need to implement planned teaching strategies. Teachers need to be able to select and exploit the online resources at hand to afford quality online teaching Impacting Online classrooms must have effective teacher and student communication processes centre and core. Improving online learning programs requires insightful evaluation. Quality online learning programs requires quality teaching methods.

Student engagement has been an important aspect of teachin…

Godin Equilibrium

I woke up this morning and I felt a pain in my brain.
It was like all had changed and all will continue to change.
Nothing was left as the same.
And in this remorse I was the only one who  knew.
I just can't  believe it,   no-one would believe  in what I had to say.
So I yelled hard and long about all the injustices that has occurred.
I stomped my feet hard to the ground.
I punched through  the air to sporn my stance of knowing .
I spat deceit at society.
But no one knew for me and no-one wanted the goodness within my heart.
I became increasing alone.

In this life I can grasp the future.
I see visions of what's it's to be.
Messages  decrypt and whisper their intent to me.
I cannot find my way to you.
The more I warn the more you ignore me.
The greater the detail the less you want to know.
I began to hate you.

Where can I cry with my love watching over me?
When can I celebrate  when everything I state eventually unravels into loneliness?
The ground is trembling.
I feel it …

Godin Series

Godin Series by JJFBbennett
All digital images can be commissioned as acrylic paintings on canvas

Godin Connectedness
Godin Defence
Godin Vaders
Godin Cosmos
Godin Wonder
Godin Text
Godin Sickness
Godin Force
Godin Youth

Australian Mass Media Peddles Systemic Racism

The Australian newspaper editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker describes the following cartoons as "Bill Leak's confronting and insightful cartoons force people to examine the core issues in a way that sometimes reporting and analysis can fail to do".

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care a non-governmental group for Indigenous children and families, called the cartoon "disgusting, disrespectful, and hurtful", adding: "Those involved in publishing such a clearly racist cartoon should be ashamed and should issue a public apology to all Australians."
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency chief executive Muriel Bamblett said it depicted Aboriginal people as "not knowing about their children and not having any role in raising their children". "You feel quite oppressed when these things happen, I think that we everyday have to battle with direct racism and indirect racism," she told 774 ABC Melbourne.
Bill Leak is anoth…

Robinson, Cator, Fullan, Hattie and Clark: My top 10 points

Ken Robinson, Karen Cator, Donald Clark, Michael Fullan, and John Hattie.  My top 10 points

Ken RobinsonNeed to consider the purpose of education, technology, and great teachingWe live in revolutionary times and we need a revolution in educationTwo of the big influences on education are;  population growth and technologyThe rate of societal economic and technological change will continue to accelerateEducators need to recognise the scale of this challengeEducators need to recognise education as the key to the futureWhat is considered good teaching has a long academic historyThe present education conversation is not occurring in a vacuumGreat teachers make deep learning out of learning technologyTechnology in schools requires great teachers if learning improvement is to be gainedKaren CatorThe fundamental question that all teachers should ask is: How do we as learners learn today?Today we learn through a variety of resourcesIt is easy to become frustrated by technology in the classroomWe…