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The Challenge of Global Learning Australian

Topic Theme:eLearning and Global Learning

Table of ContentsExecutive StatementSummaryOverview21st Century Global Learning ServiceContextual problem OpportunityFinal StatementIntroduction: Call for a Quality Global Education Service Discussion Paper RelevancePenal Colony: Education and Internal ThreatQuality Education: Private Secondary SchoolingSecondary Schooling Cultural mind-setGlobal World: RestructureInternational Achievement Data and Quality TeachingFree Trade and ProtectionismFree Trade since 1957Communities of Global InclusivityeLearning RecommendationsBibliography
Executive Statement Summary This Executive Statement summarises  Key concepts in Global Learning discussion paper. It succinctly identifies the essential key issues associated with global competitive education markets, global work skills, past and present protectionist and free trade endeavors, the shaping of Australian education, and requirements for a 21st century global eLearning ecosystem. Education is an evolv…