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The Arrival at Q

  The Arrival at Q The Arrival At Q Street  At Q STOP  From Q 1  From a great height Contemporary Tourist Art by JJFBbennett - John Bennett Opensea Shopify Deviant galler y John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscribe to his work via Blogger , YouTube , Flicker , Facebook , Instagram and Deviant Art .  If you want to support his art creation you can give a one-time donation to him through PayPal here or a subscription via Patreon here . If you want to acquire his art creations in NFT - John's Opensea NFT profile is  

The Defined Transformative Space

 Transformative Space  Enter a cathartic pursuit. The passage entrance was small and did not indicate what we were to experience—assessing the unknowns in space, shifting dramatically from concept to academic self-questioning to a deconstructed disorientation. I followed our seers upstairs, through multiple room scapes, and down corridors, to when and where I finally realised. I had to select which self-delusion was best for me. In hindsight, I have re-entered these rooms my entire life, and my disconnection between acting and actioning required resolution. To begin a transformation and build a manifestation of social-spatial exclusiveness. To play as one within this curated experience, as a spectator and participant. A paradox in finding meaning and fulfilment. Video Transformative Space selection from The Define collection Images The dream was so compelling and strange, that the woke were compelled to re-enter. NFT The Mannequin Vision is so disorientating and strange, that distingui

The Defined Distinguished Guests

Distinguished Guests Everyone was informed on arrival that no photos, videos or questions were allowed. The interior of this gallery is sacrosanct. Surveillance cameras sat either above, below or close by each artwork to capture discrete facial expressions and body language. Our role, as nourishment objects, was to plenish culture-affirming consumption. As high-quality assets, we were there to hedge towards the predestined protection of their accumulated wealth. We allowed our behavioural data to be harvested in exchange for the opportunity to be in the presence of this elite art. A Distinguished Guest NFT Distinguished Guest Groupings NFT Surveillance and the Silent Gathering NFT The distinguished three who are very successful and command great respect NFT From the perspective of circular motion NFT This notion underpins our rationality NFT Youtube Video Sound Cloud - Reading with Jazz JJFBbennett SHOP Distinguished Guests can be accessed and downloaded via Deviant Art: