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ESL: Movie Poster

ESL: Movie Poster - Digital Technology and Lesson Plan offers a number of fun toys. The movie poster is a simple web 2.0 toy that is easy to complete, is fun and has a good output. Make your own customized movie poster . You choose the photo, titles, and credits. Be a star! What a great tool for students with low literacy or of an ESL classification. All that is required is an image, a title, subtexts plus some credit text - plus some imagination and creativity. Movie poster follows the KISS principal - Keep it simple stupid - however a small unit of work can be wrapped around the tool. Movie poster works well with personal Flicker and Facebook ESL Lesson Plan : from Please modify this to suit the Movie Poster technology and the class context. Start off by asking the class if they would like to see a movie together. Almost certainly, one student will say yes. Ask them what