Monday, August 29, 2016

Godin Equilibrium

I woke up this morning and I felt a pain in my brain.
It was like all had changed and all will continue to change.
Nothing was left as the same.
And in this remorse I was the only one who  knew.
I just can't  believe it,   no-one would believe  in what I had to say.
So I yelled hard and long about all the injustices that has occurred.
I stomped my feet hard to the ground.
I punched through  the air to sporn my stance of knowing .
I spat deceit at society.
But no one knew for me and no-one wanted the goodness within my heart.
I became increasing alone.

In this life I can grasp the future.
I see visions of what's it's to be.
Messages  decrypt and whisper their intent to me.
I cannot find my way to you.
The more I warn the more you ignore me.
The greater the detail the less you want to know.
I began to hate you.

Where can I cry with my love watching over me?
When can I celebrate  when everything I state eventually unravels into loneliness?
The ground is trembling.
I feel it in my feet.
It disturbs  my standing.
I have lost my equilibrium.
But I cannot  reach out for help.
I will not reach out for help.
I pity your own mistaken and intended faults.
Strike me down whilst it's what you want to do.
I want you to stike me down.
I want to feel our pain.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Godin Series

Godin Series by JJFBbennett
All digital images can be commissioned as acrylic paintings on canvas

Godin Connectedness

Godin Defence

Godin Vaders

Godin Cosmos

Godin Wonder

Godin Text

Godin Sickness

Godin Force

Godin Youth

Australian Mass Media Peddles Systemic Racism

The Australian newspaper editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker describes the following cartoons as
"Bill Leak's confronting and insightful cartoons force people to examine the core issues in a way that sometimes reporting and analysis can fail to do".

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care a non-governmental group for Indigenous children and families, called the cartoon "disgusting, disrespectful, and hurtful", adding: "Those involved in publishing such a clearly racist cartoon should be ashamed and should issue a public apology to all Australians."

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency chief executive Muriel Bamblett said it depicted Aboriginal people as "not knowing about their children and not having any role in raising their children".
"You feel quite oppressed when these things happen, I think that we everyday have to battle with direct racism and indirect racism," she told 774 ABC Melbourne.

Bill Leak is another media stooge who whips up controversy to sell his product. He is employed by a mass media company that thrives by hyping up racial tensions. This is not a discussion of free voice. This is a discussion of making profit through racial vilification. 

The real discussion concerns a complex interaction of problems which are directly steeped in historic causes:

The obvious problem  = relatively high rates of violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities are influenced by immediate factors such as alcohol and illicit drug use, mental health issues and childhood experience of violence. 

The historic cause = include ‘intergenerational trauma’ resulting from the ongoing and cumulative effects of colonisation, loss of land, language and culture, the erosion of cultural and spiritual identity, forced removal of children, and racism and discrimination.” - Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2014

Bill Leak's opinions are based on personal belief and observations. 
  • His cartoons are not insights.  His statements are not grounded by research.
  • His cartoons do not examine core issues. His cartoons help sell sensationalist for-profit newspapers.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Robinson, Cator, Fullan, Hattie and Clark: My top 10 points

Ken Robinson, Karen Cator, Donald Clark, Michael Fullan and John Hattie. 
My top 10 points

Ken Robinson

  1. Need to consider the purpose of education, technology and great teaching
  2. We live in revolutionary times and we need a revolution in education
  3. Two of the big influences on education are;  population growth and technology
  4. The rate of societal economic and technology change will continue to accelerate
  5. Educators need to recognise the scale of this challenge
  6. Educators need to recognise education as the key to the future
  7. What is considered good teaching has a long academic history
  8. The present education conversation is not occurring in a vacuum
  9. Great teachers make deep learning out of learning technology
  10. Technology in schools requires great teachers if learning improvement is to be gained

Karen Cator

  1. The fundamental question that all teachers should ask is: How do we as learners learn today?
  2. Today we learn through a variety of resources
  3. It is easy to become frustrated by technology in the classroom
  4. We are presently at Education's Internet Moment
  5. Mobile technology is in every pocket and hand bag - students can Google it
  6. Social Interactions enhance learning
  7. Digital Open Education Content is growing
  8. Employ Big Data to make decisions
  9. The need to move from textbooks to digital learning resources is necessary 
  10. Employ digital resources to personalise learning

Michael Fullan

  1. Technology is changing the education conversation
  2. Technology is an irresistible engagement pull
  3. Technology can deepen learning
  4. Deep learning through critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, character education and citizenship 
  5. Use technology purposefully - real life problem solving
  6. Technology is persuasively impacting across society
  7. Make how to use technology on your terms
  8. Students working in groups and teachers are orchestrating learning as change agents and activators
  9. Students need to be active as partners in learning
  10. Use video for the understanding of content and classroom interaction for deep learning 

John Hattie

  1. The essence of good teaching is that the learning intentions are very clear and success criteria is absolutely obvious
  2. The amount of peer work should be  dramatic
  3. There should be lots of discussion about the task and lots of peer involvement within the task
  4. Set challenging goals that exceed 'doing-your-best'
  5. Show students what success looks like
  6. Spend time helping students learn the strategies of learning
  7. Teachers need to spend more time talking about teaching and learning
  8. Teachers need to talk less and listen more to students
  9. The teacher's job is to help students exceed their expectations
  10. Teacher mindsets are the important factor to improving teaching and to be active change agents 

Donald Clark

  1. There has been more pedagogic change in 10 years than the last 1000 years
  2. Use video recordings to enable ongoing learning
  3. The online classroom session needs to be recorded for future learning participation
  4. The classroom lecture: student have been distracted by this boring pedagogy for a 1000 years
  5. The internet has changed the learner's relationship to learning
  6. Online videos require: Brilliant teaching, they are simply recorded, they are only a few minutes long and they are what the students need
  7. Online engagement requires instantaneous and continuous feedback
  8. Online learning platforms (eLearning) will soon gain adaptive capacity through artificial intelligence
  9. Online learning platforms will know the students learning progress and report achievement progress to the student and teacher
  10. Resisting technology in education is futile