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Godin Equilibrium

I woke up this morning and I felt a pain in my brain. It was like all had changed and all will continue to change. Nothing was left as the same. And in this remorse I was the only one who  knew. I just can't  believe it,   no-one would believe  in what I had to say. So I yelled hard and long about all the injustices that has occurred. I stomped my feet hard to the ground. I punched through  the air to sporn my stance of knowing . I spat deceit at society. But no one knew for me and no-one wanted the goodness within my heart. I became increasing alone. In this life I can grasp the future. I see visions of what's it's to be. Messages  decrypt and whisper their intent to me. I cannot find my way to you. The more I warn the more you ignore me. The greater the detail the less you want to know. I began to hate you. Where can I cry with my love watching over me? When can I celebrate  when everything I state eventually unravels into loneliness? The gro

Godin Series

Godin Series by JJFBbennett All digital images can be commissioned as acrylic paintings on canvas Godin Connectedness Godin Defence Godin Vaders Godin Cosmos Godin Wonder Godin Text Godin Sickness Godin Force Godin Youth

Australian Mass Media Peddles Systemic Racism

The Australian newspaper editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker describes the following cartoons as "Bill Leak's confronting and insightful cartoons force people to examine the core issues in a way that sometimes reporting and analysis can fail to do". Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care a non-governmental group for Indigenous children and families, called the cartoon "disgusting, disrespectful, and hurtful", adding: "Those involved in publishing such a clearly racist cartoon should be ashamed and should issue a public apology to all Australians." Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency chief executive Muriel Bamblett said it depicted Aboriginal people as "not knowing about their children and not having any role in raising their children". "You feel quite oppressed when these things happen, I think that we everyday have to battle with direct racism and indirect racism," she told 774 ABC Me

Robinson, Cator, Fullan, Hattie and Clark: My top 10 points

Ken Robinson, Karen Cator, Donald Clark, Michael Fullan, and John Hattie.  My top 10 points Ken Robinson Need to consider the purpose of education, technology, and great teaching We live in revolutionary times and we need a revolution in education Two of the big influences on education are;  population growth and technology The rate of societal economic and technological change will continue to accelerate Educators need to recognise the scale of this challenge Educators need to recognise education as the key to the future What is considered good teaching has a long academic history The present education conversation is not occurring in a vacuum Great teachers make deep learning out of learning technology Technology in schools requires great teachers if learning improvement is to be gained Karen Cator The fundamental question that all teachers should ask is: How do we as learners learn today? Today we learn through a variety of resources It is easy to beco