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  Manila's SKYBRIDGE to SHOPPING HEAVEN Description: Join me on an exhilarating journey through the skies of Manila! We'll traverse the De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views of the city's vibrant skyline and bustling streets. Feel the energy of Makati as we stroll above the traffic, exploring this unique urban oasis. Discover the seamless connection between convenience and luxury as this skybridge leads us to a shopper's paradise, where world-class dining and retail therapy await. Don't miss this insider's look at Manila's most stylish secret! Keywords: Manila, De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, Makati, Philippines, skywalk, walking tour, aerial view, city views, urban landscape, shopping district Hashtags: #Manila #Philippines #Makati #DeLaRosaWalkway #Skybridge #TravelPhilippines #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #WalkingTour #CityViews #UrbanLandscape #HiddenGem #TravelGuide #VisitPhilippines #LuxuryShopping #Shopping #videoart #travel

Photo Knife Spoons Forks Sticks

Knife fork spoon sticks The time it takes to acquire expertise Has little bearing on intuition Demonstrations Presentations Synthesis Demands are qualified Then challenged To be dismantled And replaced Take another path Sit eat relax Enjoy what's within

Celeste Enter

At what point do you recognize At what point do you realize At what point were you the observer At what point did you become the participant There is nothing to hide behind Too deep to retreat Frozen, too scared to step forward What is your role in your battle royale? How do you survive yourself? Invisible waves Devastating waves That you allow yourself to receive What has been removed from your line of sight

Celeste Threat

Too stressed to recognize danger Disrupted Ability to think and learn Dimmed Ability to control emotions At loss To effectively respond to the changed environment The threat cue The safe cue What was threatening is now safe What is now taking longer to learn It is a threat It is not safe The nuclear warship in our safe harbor The safety-rated car that kills our youth A threat that is now safe A threat that was previously safe Remembering how to control Forgetting what could be What is now safe was once a threat What was once safe was an actual  threat

Photo Darwin Dinghy

I placed all of my meanings into the departure But I realised that a dinghy was not sufficient So I place all effort into wealth creation Which soon turned into job satisfaction Which became and is now a work-life in-balance And that in there is the simplicity of my dilemma Will I regret not taking the next step forward A step forward where my dedication is in making a difference Where I can say I made a decision to make things better Or a step forward where my dedication is in making self-sense Where I can lose myself within meaning I tow my dinghy for this reason For I may have a change of heart Else, should a tragedy force a course of action Gasping, trying, enduring In the hope that it is the essential me which cannot be reconciled In self or In service

Celeste Dysfunction Lyre

The Ghost of Imagination The Weaponry of War The Lyre of Disinformation In this sea of discontent In this  mistrust of institutions In this  market of fractures There is opportunity The opportunity of me The establishment of blame shifting Making profit through taunt The blemish that is you Of what you see in all others

Photo Fish Bike Ho Chi Minh

1858 French Emperor Napoleon III ordered Admiral Charles Rigault de Genouilly to attack Da Nang 1887 French Indochina was officially formed from what are the modern countries of Vietnam and Cambodia.  Laos became part of French Indochina in 1893. 1945 Japan seized French IndoChina United States supported native rebel groups Viet Minha gainst the Japanese. On Japanese surrender, USA started to withdraw.  France immediately attempted to reassert its claims over Vietnam. Roosevelt reportedly offered control of the region to Chinese nationalist general Chiang Kai-shek Ho Chi Minh It was patriotism, not communism, that inspired me. You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first I follow only one party: the Vietnamese party The great victory of April 30 represents the triumph of the entire nation, of justice over brutality and of humani

Celeste Dysfunction Sighted

There is a wildness resting on the horizon Looking for a place to go When hell is empty and all the devils are here Where our life is rounded by the boundaries of sleep As the brave new world presents itself In borrowed time and stolen thoughts Warning Misery awaits within the further realization Awake, do not step through these wind-driven waves The opportunities you seek do not offer protection In this decisive second your action describes your need Fight or flight at the mercy of the commander There is freedom under fear's command