Sunday, October 2, 2016

Godin Waiting

Godin Waiting 
I have been in-waiting to go, for far too long.
Wanting to change, to improve, to transform. 
Now I am stuck in this place of best practices. 
All the pre planning, all the strategy, the tactics and motivation is fading away.
Step one, two and three is now at mercy to this real world placement.
This waiting room, a monstrous social construct contained through collective intuition.

All who have have experienced disregard, within chant of 'be patient', have found their way into this room. 
The fight to climb and to gain authority eventually  leads to waiting. 
The eventualness - all worn out by the fight of within itself.
Only to become the shell of what could have been and was now has ever-been. 
Increments and trinkets of discarded shells underscored by the need to profit. 
Shedding the skins of  splendor and  replaced by titles and agents of authority.
I am within the placement of a utilized progression cue.
Nothing out of the normal really.
I know I must wait my turn.

In this waiting room, clarity of purpose falls hand in hand alongside of the certainty and  strength of urgency.
I can no longer sit within this snug togetherness.
This waiting room is for tired and forgotten people.
I am yet tired and forgotten.

The waiting sit comfortably together, within a song of forgotten need and want.
This is not a passive room, it is a well constructed fortress of resistance.
Make them wait,  enforce the barrier and remove escalation. 
It will happen - they will eventually depart from their platform. 
Their hold will transpire into unconscious zones.
Voice will only emerge when factored by annoyance. 
There will be no meaningful digression. 
No understanding of their want.
No point to it.
Just disgruntled jabber.
And they will eventually comply to what is now.
They will eventually not know not what they want or what you want.
They will fallen into the collective experience of intuition brought about through power of enforced waiting and managed progression.