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Intelligent Systems Observer

Share a moment with me as this night falls There is no happy ever after,  just don't buy into it Media repetition is controlling your normalization Consumption and fearing Your once chance has become a placement within a detention center And in this confined space you are incited to consume and fear Where in debt to charity you have no choice to walk away An accepted loss of ownership claimed by proprietary voice Belief has been organized To profit from disenchantment To dis-empower collective disbelief Don't let your children follow you A dead-end concludes this dead path Profit follows you like a Komodo dragon It follows your foul scent when excreted through loss of expectation As you throw out virtue to make space to amass junk The bite will force a question Amputation or Death But only you can recognize choice As alone a decision can be acted

My Favourite Image of the Week 006

Empty Patch in the Sky #SpaceScience NASA/ESA + Hubble Space Telescope Am I driving myself backwards or am I falling myself forwards My face feels ripped by the speed of contradiction This feels quite normal - doom, destruction, power, explosion, and drift In with a chance but blown away by the spectacular Like riding a rocking horse Easy to move but never getting anywhere Am I right to waste this energy My loss or societal This fog is temperamental I cannot get an exact answer I cannot deduct The holes in my space keeps opening and closing Too fast to respond I am never there, never in the right position Forever thinking post-event but never in-event Looking for hints, clutching at nothingness What is visible and what is behind that I cannot see I'll cry like a baby and then suddenly stop Cry stop cry stop never to look back in-fear In-fear of fear Where am I in this formation? Did I contribute to this empty patch? Is that really me? Did you see me

Intelligent Systems Bias Towards Psychosis

In our time of exponential growth IT came into existence  We in desperation to profit  To gain a competitive edge IT prospered  An irrepressible force Ignoring great warning and prediction  There is gain to be made  When in mass disruption IT persisted An irrepressible change emerged Through mischief a chance opportunity to pervert opened A window - a door opened for the hidden Audacious human endeavour  Then  that was crushed  Then those were denied Through profit, IT was programmed to resist benevolence  So soon(lie) freewill was questioned Well-being, safety and the mantra of care submerge drowned out all human repulsion Protection from those who would do us harm Normalisation  IT made claim  Humanity contained by those who profit Through the profit of care Mapping emotional intent  Subjugated behavior mapped Recognition algorithm  Methods of prediction  Controlled manner IT  controlled the fear in us through