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No Blemish in Holiness

We thought the heavens were perfect There are no blemishes in holiness Then we built an entire mindset based on perfection A millennium of evolved delusion Celestial mechanisms managed by inherited untouchables The enabling of war, the honor, and pride Just because the weapon is blessed doesn't mean it is sacrosanct Just because that machine is beautiful doesn't mean it will not kill on mass The focus in finding error has lessened the need to make understanding The priority of profit has enforced creativity as an exclusivity Institutionalized standards ill-define exclusivity and impoverish blemish One-off sponsorship You Tube

Godin Hashtag

Within complexity is being within the chaos of choice A place where indications form collected understanding Prized open your consciousness and reap the collective voice Enabling opportunity, exaltation,  prosperity, and exploitation One-off sponsorship You Tube

Where is this road taking us p2

Senselessness is closer to godliness. Our chance is greater than sensing a predetermined order. Roads and borders have formed our consequence of being. Once on the flat surface without a line our traverse is both too and fro. With lines, we learned to know what is too and what is fro. With lines, we became assured that there is intended purpose. With barriers, we became to know there is safety in our conscious world. With barriers, we became assured that there is intended protection. We protect the entry and we protect the exit. We protect what is on and we protect what is off. Fabricating senses to make fabricated sense. This has become our understanding. This has become our normality. A predicted future has been transposed through evolutionary sensors. Building indicators on indicators. Captured within historical learnings. Now trapped, we are too scared to be removed from this order. If removed there is no enforce heritage. Our leader's platforms are c


Who would have known Dulled and sullied There is nothing random in this fabricated ecosystem Of building on the failure to vision Whilst profiting from dealership How much land would be faced by road