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The collection gains its inspiration from Lake Bennett in the full moon. At 3:00 am, the darkened lake would shine under the translucent moon. Silent and bound by the visual magnificence, I could feel the gravitational power, changing tides, and internal biological rhythms. I did not need to sleep. This collection is about accepting the beauty of the night and how it affects our sleep, mood, emotions, and conscious being. Full Moon Reflections When the moon finally breaks through. And the restless breeze wanders between. Past hatreds and future promises. And the decisions of others who cut me down. I just cannot stop. And I fight with myself for my life. Knowing others fight harder. Never to gain even. But I never wanted to march. But I did. When my thoughts don't realize. I become restless. I wander between what could have been. My hatreds and false starts. And all decisions I could never make. My sky dreaming. My glass ceilings. I as the consumer. Stoked by the genius. Those who

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  It only takes the slightest breeze. After each sunset. Before the problems of the day are resolved. The bludgeoned crawl out. To reclaim some dignity. And some semblance of affinity with living. And their efficacy to feel beautiful. The opportunity to refract and diverge with their whispers. If you want to listen to them. 3am in the morning. When the void sets in. And all daily grinds transpire. Stone cold awake. Then night allows your creativity. The force denied brilliant struggle. By stripping away your defenses. You wake up and feel the affinity. The moon, stars, and clouds. Listen to your reptilian cycle. Before the window closes. And you have forgotten the introspection. Quiet conversations. On whatever breeze chances by. No longer demanding hardened options. Or decisive actions. Just being aware of stillness. As an uncomplicated opportunity. When elsewhere else has none. Claim this moment. To be within yourself. Translucent memories. Whispering for your return. To childhood wh

Nighttime Gaze - Bamboo

  Then in the vanishing. When all mysteries are hidden. I crawl into my undergrowth. Fascinated by the light. But too timid to step out, up or down. Video Short Night Flare through Bamboo Audio JJFBbennett · Bamboo Noise One-off sponsorship You Tube

Nighttime Gaze

  Nighttime Gaze Gate The light Of my darkness From me Scratching Cussing Without want For belief Video Art Video Short   . One-off sponsorship You Tube

Artist Statement Somewhere Adrift

  Poem Modernism and Promised Prosperity We were glorious when we were young. Having a new and influential way of looking at the world. Free of the arguments from illusion, visionary dreams, and the solitary evil genius. We concentrated on the inner-urban. That was until we arrived And dismissed our problems without evidence. Through powerful leaders doing God’s work. Artist Statement video Somewhere Adrift Since I can remember, Australia's values have been under threat. I am talking about the fear of losing the innate grace, that is,  the subjective sense of the Australian way. The threat list is long and most are foreign. The reported attacks by mass media are external to Australia's W.A.S.P. heritage. They are the values for what our soldiers died for. The land down under, adrift in Asia. We Australians have been under the threat of potential invasion since the frontier wars. The fear is a deep-rooted "settler country" psychosis. And it gets whipped up by politica

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Driving in John Brack’s Car Surrounded by death I was the only one ok Pumping out. And breathing in. Ozone, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon monoxide, And PM10s. Traffic pollution is killing us. Backfiring. Afterburning. Afterfiring. Are the common causes. Of running on richness. Red Sky Driving  Punctuated by religious motifs. And deeply superstitious thoughts. The importance of place and time. Curses, desires, potions, and talismans. Refusing to see the danger at hand. By attempting to overcome the gods in mind. Driving with the Megalodon Driving cloaked in and under threat. Knowing how to survive and prosper. Proceed into the world chanting. It could be anywhere. It could be everywhere. Avoid and mask any risk of being blamed. Substitute and shift their attention. To covertly Inflict physical and psychological harm. And they will believe in you. Driving to Alpha Centauri Once we were driving to Alpha Centauri. Only 4.37 light-years away. Once when we were thinking outside t