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Culture vs Strategy

“In the agricultural era, schools mirrored a garden. In the industrial era, classes mirrored the factory, with an assembly line of learners. In the digital-information era, how will learning look?” Lucy Dinwiddie Global Learning & Executive Development Leader, General Electric The urgency to develop relevant forms of 21st century leadership exists, as continued application of  20th century management practices will eventually incapacitate society. Positional leaders must transform schools from the assembly-line-of-learners era to the digital-information era.  The future of societal progression is dependent on school leaders being able to directly shift their learning goals towards the era. If societal progression is to occur, schooling must not be maimed by yester-century retro-like industrialised management practices. Within this era industrialised management practices will manufacture diminished potential.  Diminish human potential in schools and society will stri

PISA Rankings - lets look at Innovation

Australia is now heading towards an idea BOOM Our economy is transitioning away from the mining boom The record commodity prices that drove growth are now receding. Our future growth will depend on a different type of boom –an ideas boom. In 2009 PISA identified 23 out of the 54 countries as  “innovation-driven” economies, Australia was ranked 8 in the Ranking of 23 “Innovation-driven” economies by 2009 PISA math scores AND as an “ Innovation-driven ” economies  (% of people confident in their ability for entrepreneurship). Australia is ranked 6th As a leading Math score country and leading Innovation-driven country Australia's Education System is achieving - good standards Maths and good Standards Innovation. Graphs from  Test Scores vs. Entrepreneurship: PISA, TIMSS, and Confidence  Why do we focus on one aspect of PISA? In the latest OECD league table, Australia is ranked 14th behind Poland (11th), Vietnam (12th) and Germany (13th). (rank

Digital literacy and participatory multimodal media

Schools are the engine house of the future however there is disconnect between workplace expectations, and students' in-school and out-of-school learning experiences. This discussion is about 'cultures of learning' and engaging 21st century students through innovative programs. A personal story. Video Slides from video

Upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

I just upgraded my ASUS laptop (N53S) to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus After upgrading I followed the tips  from OMGUBUNTU and I Feel Good #forgetwindows One-off sponsorship You Tube

Godin vader

Godin vader It is so easy to fall into battle. It takes time to realise respect. in daydreams I forget the grind. in stress I embrace the grip. How easy it is to not know yourself. Whilst busily manipulating the enemy we forget our own bleeding. it just seems easier to forget yourself in moments of battle.

Visible Learning Quotes

My favorite Visible Learning Quotes Students see yourself as your own teacher Failure is part of success Think, question imagine, create, struggle, collaborate, try, fail, persist, reflect change DATA   Collected Teacher Efficiany Enable students' creative capacity Teachers learn about your own teaching Albert's tips - curiosity, perseverance, focus, imagine, make, live, create, learn & play Study, love and stay close to nature One-off sponsorship You Tube