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From Darwin to Kiama

  Journey from Darwin to Kiama: Exploring Australia's Scenic Route Darwin Airport Standing in queue watching the wheel go around and around. Sydney Airport The first Coffee on a cold morning really hits the spot. Kiama Pie-perfection in Kiama: The BEST Pie Shop You NEED to Try  Description Discover an unusual travel guide for your journey from Darwin to Kiama. Explore some of the lowlights and highlights along the way. Whether looking for the fastest route or scenic detours, this video guide has something everyday memorable. From queues to coffee to pies. Key Words Darwin to Kiama travel, Australia scenic routes, Travel guide Darwin, Kiama attractions, Road trip Australia, Flights to Kiama, Best travel tips, Darwin to Kiama itinerary, Australian travel blog, Kiama sightseeing Hashtags #DarwinToKiama #TravelAustralia #ScenicRoutes #RoadTrip #TravelGuide #ExploreAustralia #TravelTips #AustralianAdventure #JourneyThroughAustralia #KiamaAttractions Be Creative and Innovative with K

Moon over Desert

Hole in the Wall: Moon over Desert Within solitude, there is self-beauty to be discovered. Engage silence and dismiss the want to share. And dismiss the necessity to be liked. And love the abstract of your abyss. Be satisfied by the soiling and scratching of time. Whilst crawling and scampering throughout. The same mistakes. The same divisions. The same crisis. When secrets have long passed their importance. And the desert sea shimmers under full moon. Recognise that glorious intent is cyclical. Without thought and without hoopla grasp this intent. Without the need. Without the seeing. What is fully understood is quickly dismissed. Your story has the greater impact. Your synthesis of fact diminishes being. Nothing will hurt you in your solitude. Within cyclic patterns enable the time to feel your situation. What is in determinism. As an insect in forrige. And thankful for the ambient light. The casting your domain is difficult to define. Let in the univ

Godin Chat

Godin Chat Make your story live and cherish every single scene. Connect to the grid and revolutionize yourself. You can shout from the tallest building. Shop in the deepest arcade. Eat within the most crowded cafe. This is your time,  be heard and seen. Within the scope, we all live within a shadow of revision. Find the noisy space between the shadows. Don't remain silent. Rejoice and celebrate your life amongst others. As the sun rises. And as the sun sets.

Godin Refractive Reflection

Across the scrub and through the winter's cold. Through the wind tunnels of our cities we go. Foraging forward to the promises of a warm embrace. Then when it appears safe to count. The whispers from our night mind contorts order of event. Of what was never to be considered or to be questioned. What is termed as to be expected? Is not present in refraction, glimmer and enticement. Until the realization when all should be questioned and disorientated. What turns our attention is not what we seem. As we are desperately unhinged from the stories of heritage. And so it continues this paradox of acceptance and distraction. We do not want to be seen through distraction. However, as the light changes and the whispers entice our attention. The management of knowing seeps through our figures. Go to sleep and pass through pulsating dreams. Wake afresh with new realizations. It is in unconsciousness we make sense.

GODin Simulation

And here we think we stand. Alone and wanting for eternal love. We never fully trust research data. We are fully engineered to trust ourselves and follow gut reactions. So stand for with me in motion and deny the silence. There is a probability we can enter into new realities. Scratch this fabric until it bleeds. Spend time gazing into your own abyss. Stand with me as we defy our controlled order. How simple it is to watch time erode our constructed barriers. Our personal walls can be treasured only once poised as in-ruin. Then we can enjoy scampering over our past efforts. Whilst trying to remember the gems from our once greatness.