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Celeste Darken Sensors

Finding the way in is more difficult than finding your way out Here in your still pond, fence in by social expectation. The elites have secured fortitude You cannot enter their world Cultures of success are deterministic Structures designated to transform have achieved little equality Disillusion hope designed to maintain feed The opportunity to purchase equality has been lost It never had a chance The fight is within The fight is to know yourself From the void can you emerge your essential self? Is an aspect of the real you? Your mechanical eye Your emotional eye Your knowing eye The deadline is there. It requires you to want to know yourself? Are you worth knowing?

Celeste Darkened Dream

In within from the beginning In within water and currency In within depths of void and isolation In within self-conceit and what is known Deeply hidden beneath unconscious values Never to be fully identified by the self However, ever determined to enforce when transfixed to the point The slippery surface where belief hides and stalks rational positioning One-off sponsorship You Tube

Celeste Dream Reflection

From within an endless cage, Celeste finds herself Looking into her eyes In perfect reflection In total understanding Within herself Captured by self Unable to make sense of something else Unable to find a need to escape Comforted by her sickening feeling of something wrong Only to wake up and without question continue in grind

Celeste Sea Reflection

Darkness : Asleep finding oceans and waves that emerge from darkened sky Concern : Persons who have been deemed lacking placed somewhere there Something : What makes sense cannot explain this at all Promise : There is nothing to be in fear of Done for me Coherent corruption