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Simulacrum Bark Hut Batwoman

  Bark Hut Batwoman Simulacrum Northern Territory Gothic Shadows Poem Video Bark Hut Inn Bat Woman Arrives Brutally dispossessed. Placed onto a reserve. And promised rations. Detering the minority from becoming the majority. All stand-down when aesthetics enters the room. Imagined realities. Perspective from the darkness. Obsessions, failure, and virtue. Anxieties, fear, and panic. How did we know the world? Our ghosts of opportunity and precious wealth. Our unspeakable and inexpressible horror. To evoke and convey our superior taste. One-off sponsorship You Tube

Simulacrum Voices from the Ant Hill

Northern Territory Gothic Simulacrum Voices from the Ant Hill Whispers Whispering at Sunrise Poem One-off sponsorship You Tube

Ideas of Lux

  By its very nature unpredictable Intentionally distorted to make sense Lost in the experience of being sublime When the sky rests down User Paid For Lies and Deceit Fully Automated Luxurious Capitalism Turbocharged Capitalism and Galactic Tourism By its very nature unpredictable. Intentionally distorted to make sense. Lost in the experience of being sublime. Each evening, when the sky rests down. Our users paid for our lies and deceit. A Promised Land. Of fully automated luxurious capitalism. And our future. Turbocharged capitalism and galactic tourism. This is the Light of Lux One-off sponsorship You Tube

Simulacrum Jabiru Crocodile Catharsis

  Jabiru Crocodile Catharsis Simulacrum Northern Territory Gothic THEN POEM VIDEO One-off sponsorship You Tube