Monday, March 19, 2018

Teachers with IMPACT - Eddie Woo


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Celeste Mirror Imaginary Time

When I am your mirror
I am less dangerous
I know what it takes
To be yourself

You are reflected in my eyes
I am reflected in your eyes
You are within me
I am within you

We are now us
In empathy
In trust
In competition

How will you protect yourself?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Celeste Imaginary Time

When imaginary time becomes part of linear time
Enlightening normal time 
Transcendental experience
As it is sensed
As it matters and as it becomes real
As real as in real time
The gateway of everything as in that of realising self

The thing that is in front of you
The thing that looks back at you
The thing that you are not looking at though the looking glass
The part that helps to explain the void within
Compensating for fault
Trying to maintain watch
In the moment
In one breath knowing why this is as it is
Why you are not as you seem

In splendor, the thought appears
A slither of knowing 
The now I understand meaning
That is without evidence of support
That is not taught to us
The inner world of dreaming things are just done
In clear vision and in the action of doing what is right

Friday, March 9, 2018

Celeste Dark and Awake

Amongst ourselves and in godliness
We strive to wake
To remain
Comforted by the discovery
We are actually asleep at the same time
Knowing the  overwhelming willingness to accomplish
Despite this relentless drive whilst passively wanting to remain
In both conditions without fear of nightmare and actual

Asleep and striving to regain
Revived, refreshed and recalibrated
Ready to self-recognise the ending and starting point
This tangible reclaim
Held tightly to foundational primaeval desire
Time to turn back on
This space of differences
Of pre-birth, wakefulness, sleep and post-life.
And in play
In transformation
Recognising something else is there

Resigned to day to day thinking
And in the game to drive and stay focused
Momentarily experiencing the need to cry
For no reason falling down
Then there is this
I am within myself
Within the mechanics of life and within the larger awareness of waking
The surpass of heightened awareness
Glimpsing certainty pushing pass the point
Of ascending back and between the unknowing and the enduring

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Celeste Darkened Emergence

Are you blind to your own needs?
Do you know when it is the optimum time to know yourself?

Not a day goes by without being in regret
Of desiring the capacity to try harder
Not a day goes by without wanting less
Of offloading baggage and wanting a simpler  life

Acting as a hostage
Acting as a victim
Never in question
Always in justification

Therein no requirement worth attempting
Other than when subjected to overwhelming want
Obligated to described paths
Paths of glory
Paths of victory

But what about you
Where are you going?
Are you alone?
Are we together?
Together and abandoned to the common cause
What is it?
The sense of  something wrong

News and announcements
Stories and manifestos
They or me and the 10 point plan to achievement
Engaged to fight and wanting to smash barriers

Whose side are you on?
You don't have to, however, your inaction is your testimonial
The ifs and buts that asphyxiate your ability to seize opportunity
And the monetary cost
And time to realize your aspiration
And the confidence to drive for hope

Only to cop-out and volunteer to someone's false faith
Then in shame, trying to re-establish how
How do I get from here to recover my certainty?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Celeste Darken Sensors

Finding the way in is more difficult than finding your way out
Here in your still pond, fence in by social expectation.

The elites have secured fortitude
You cannot enter their world
Cultures of success are deterministic
Structures designated to transform have achieved little equality
Disillusion hope designed to maintain feed
The opportunity to purchase equality has been lost
It never had a chance

The fight is within 
The fight is to know yourself

From the void can you emerge your essential self?
Is an aspect of the real you?

Your mechanical eye
Your emotional eye
Your knowing eye

The deadline is there.
It requires you to want to know yourself?
Are you worth knowing?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Celeste Darkened Dream

In within from the beginning
In within water and currency
In within depths of void and isolation
In within self conceit and what is known
Deeply hidden beneath unconscious values
Never to be fully identified by the self
However, ever determined to enforce when transfixed to the point
The slippery surface where belief hides and stalks one's rational positioning

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Celeste Dream Reflection

From within an endless cage, Celeste finds herself
Looking into her eyes
In perfect reflection
In total understanding

Within herself
Captured by self
Unable to make sense of something else
Unable to find a need to escape
Comforted by her sickening feeling of something wrong
Only to wake up and without question continue in grind

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Celeste Sea Reflection

Darkness: Asleep finding oceans and waves that emerge from darkened sky
Concern: Persons who have been deemed lacking placed somewhere there
Something: What makes sense cannot explain this at all
Promise: There is nothing to be in fear of

Done for me
Coherent corruption

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Celeste To See The 0cean

In sleep, Celeste finds ocean and waves
They emerge from darkened sky and concern
Society is temporarily pushed aside
Somewhere out there
There is what has always been lacking
The something that makes sense
The something that would explain it all

As a novice
In the wonder and in the splendour
Drawn in
Once again
This universe was nothing without her
It was within her
She was within it

Is this a predetermined pattern?
The endless search for what could not be known
Across the waters and into the horizon
Beautiful projections are harnessed
Applied as evidence
As proof against those responsible

Docked into the safety of the foreshore
Ankle chained finger pointed
Waiting for the observer to make the decision
Of which or of what
She is determined to undercover

There is no questioning that it is out-of-hand
It is a warning and a calling
There is no letting go
Firmly entwined in her righteousness
Celeste is in the moment of her predicament
Knowing within each return, she has gained
Certainty of self

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Celeste: To See

There is no strategy without the dollars and want
We do not see what we do not need to see

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sunset Heat


Artline Pen Drawing on A4 110gsm paper

The heat and burden is relentless
Thick hot air against closed eyelids
Breathing in breathing out unfathomable thoughts
Heated thoughts within body, mind and emotion
Consumed by self within a controlled world
All that should be and will never be actuated
Imposed guilt
Action underlined by those who endeavour to make profit


Monday, January 15, 2018

Celeste All Dreams

All dreams begin as this
To form the vision
To have the passion
To enter with courage

Splashes of color emerge in the darkness
What is sky what is earth
Who is hunted
Who is in control

The powerful sleep close to their followers
Disregard those who cannot control
It can be done
Simulate the world within your imagination
Listen, embark and transform

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Intelligent Systems Monsters Lurk Within

The monsters are lurking within
The  journey into has always been perilous
How vast and deep we are
Devinely magnificent

Through our teaching we sought recognition
Cautionary tails
Facts of the matter
Do not venture within you will become disorientated, lost and trapped

Bounded to the safety of a narrow construct, we shied away from surrounding within
Limitations helped us banish the endless void
Our walls protect us
Our borders separate us
In fear of perishing outside, we sought to closed our mind to it
Suppress it
We are a danger to each other when unleashed
Our vast wilderness
For within our wilderness magic and madness may await

We thought technology would expand our security
And as the enlightenment sanitised explorations our technology started to stare into our beyond
Into our wild where fears roam
This expanse full of unknowns
The realm of great wilderness where gods and demons reign
Where we now play as tourists, and technology is able to make havoc

IT will leave us behind in our room of safety
We safely within our know
We safely transfixed by IT's new knowns
We safely at home entertained by IT's data
We get new patterns to learn from
We get new toys to sponsor novelty
IT will know us and our fears of the unknown
Placing safety at our forefront IT will bound us in security
IT will form barriers  to keep us away from the deep within
IT promises to make our fears forever inaccessible
IT will create new monsters to fight on our behalf