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Celeste Lost Dream Self Immersion

Our deepest mistakes
Ourselves that slipped away
The us we don't understand
That part that is irretrievable
This part that no longer responds
Self-loss cannibalizing self-present
Seemingly at loss in how to ever re-emerge

Celeste Dream into the Reflective Water

No one finds it easy
In silence
In drowning
In loneliness

This is where I am found
With my deepest want
With my deepest need
With my deepest question

As always my celebratory stars die
As leaders come and disappear
As communities reshape
In dark and gloom
I want to dive in

Simulated Beautiful

Beautiful requires you to ponder
Beautiful is controversial
Beautiful as described for you

Your understanding of beautiful
Not as you necessarily know it
But how you are trained by others

A collective synthesis
Connected by awe and entertainment
Rooted firmly into rigid definitions and mathematical law
Stamped by credible institutions

And it comes to this
Artist acting as error-inducing and error-correcting agents
Investigating the interest in ourselves
Investigating the recording mechanism
Then the re-run of practice until what was unknown is acceptable

Celeste Volcano, Wolf, Moon & City

The timing is now
Despite all of the logistical and rational deductions
And all key pointers indicate a self-inflicted loss
The symbolic conditions are now in your favor
The optimum want has arrived
So lock down and focus on your target's collective mind

Step one patriot: Engage your synthetic substitute
Step two family: Drive past the initial horrors through sense and memories of belonging
Step three self: look after yourself, self as the primeval one -  do whatever it takes

Inflict psychological defeat
Enforce morale collapse
Make it look like there is no sensible alternative
Make sure you look smart, alert and resourceful
It is not your role to speak the truth
Your role is to evoke controversy
Ply until your enemy becomes feeble-minded

Corrupt the traditional platform
Until there is no idea
Until the best is last
Until what is now seen is lost
Until all is enlightenment is a conspiracy
Make achievement less than credible

The future is quartered by dilemma
Employ immediate fear

Head on

Head on

Locked into a decollation of vision
Somewhere between dystopia and utopia
Of daunting scale and empowered ownership
For the futures of all inhabitants
Especially for those who are unable to prophetize

Through compassion and in hatred, paths are layed
Through rhetoric and within reality gaps, plans are devised
Crossroads are manufactured to include outputs of macabre scenarios
And these vivid horrors repetitively weave throughout our histories
Nothingness as sacred, nothingness as incidental

Our fabricated artilleries are lavished with discord
Of senseless killing and normalized clarification
These roadkills are cleansed though legitimate action
And our carnage is visualised through predictable datasets

Grieve is pushed aside
Knowing that the odds against are in favour
Contained within the numbers
That is digestible
To those in pain, those who ignore and those who can exploit

Darwin Harbour Night

The grind whispers to me
You are strong and of mind
The time you have is now
Step outside and see

Portrait of John Bennett in Myanmar

Portrait of John Bennett in Myanmar Created by JJFBbennett Digital Photo - GIMP and Inkscape
The true value of this portrait is my intent to capture identity in a transient sense. The truth of being in place and time,  meaning, and understanding.
Standing in the hot sun of Mandalay with my black hat on Dressed in my safe tourist attire  A visitor of respect  Not of threat nor of contempt Far away from the colonial lies written by Kipling This is how I stood 66th St, Mandalay, Myanmar
Where centuries of knowledge had passed by Where centuries of knowledge will pass by Where in this time I was humbled by an opportunity to stand still and be silent. My short admiration seeing and being in Mandalay 

Celeste Sees All Dreams Prelude 1 cover

Cover for my ebook of poems (soon to be published Kindle)
To see All her dreams Her darkened dreams Her emergence from darkness In darkness alone and awake
Once we were gods Reflecting in the mirrors of imaginary time A warrior woman to protect us Of angelic intent
Knowing of past tears and flame A woman of the cross Grieving in choice and loss
Her persona Her persona observed By three faces Whom who sees all ocean waves

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Celeste All Dreams Prelude 2 video

As the story was told
I am not to blame for the character you saw of me
Different meanings are cherry picked
There are freedoms under fear's command

Making profit through taunt
Knowing that what was safe was a threat
Which you allowed yourself to receive
Now strike with unreserved violence

A sickness is mutating and fastly evolving
The terror within was determined to happen
Knowing and watching and doing nothing about it
You must make yourself seem dangerous

The real cost is your victory
Onward one step at a time
And while a massacre of ghosts gather
Take the opportunity to overdose, on power and challenge

Indonesia Coral Volcano Wall

Bali Coral Java Volcano King's bloodlines Histories that cannot be separated Refuge for nobles, priests, and intellectuals Ancestral cults, animism and magical beliefs 
Tourism  Taking photos and posing without them Never to experience the misfortunes of others Domesticated hybridity Boganus Australii  21st century and the rise of noxious pests with money

Napkin Art Water

When the discoverers claimed territory
And the writers described their pain
The nightmare that was and to the future that is now
All we ever needed was water

Then came the gods, the luxury and politics
A homely house and a meaningful job
Dependent on access to clean drinking water
Our security is in water

Our physical our economics and want of means
Water as propellant
From one to another
Our future chain is in water

Celeste Suffocating Dog

And then when you turn towards me
My inner light started to burn into hate
As I fled backwards
Trying to distance further away from your inquisition

Getting by and trying to acquire enlightenment
Failing to decide
Cringing hand in hand with the holy ghost

How did my memories mutate?
The ones that are no longer vivid
A complete loss of singular intent
All reconstituted into a collected consciousness

In complete loss of what was done
Confused within swarms of failure
Within this collection of innate action
Powerful feelings that are too chaotic to describe

Now reconfigured as a residue of magnificence
That you cannot see
Or understand
Or remember

I just wanted to be better than you

Napkinart Mall Leap of Faith

Don't pretend that you don't know
When you are everything
When you cannot stop
As beautiful as you may be

Hiding in your room
In fear of your salvation
Knowing that any fall could do it
Who will you replace?

Where are they hiding?
In this sacred grotto
Waiting to be found
But too shy to let it be known

And so I leap
In my ownness
In readiness of assault
And waiting for the fall to end

Celeste Judge and the Hunt

A self-inflicted godly mission
With the promise of finding understanding
Within a darkened chamber where loss can be finally discovered
And stories that are broken by secrecy
The stories are hidden through good intentions

So this is it
Negative self-talk
A stagnant situation
Prevented from accessing power

Callous or courageous
Bold or weak
Ascended consciousness
Too weak to reprogram
To rewrite time and time again
To gain realization of unconditional self-acceptance

Making decisions for chaos
Be as an innovative free thinker
Accept and lead this challenge
No plan will survive your encounter
There will be no time to consult
Enact both right and wrong decision for each scenario
Be calm, trust, know the data and have faith

Celeste All Dreams Prelude 2

In one breath
Dysfunction and the third point
Exempt and in glorious splendor
As our brave new world presents itself

There is an opportunity
Forgetting what has been
At the very point, you became a participant
When you stroke them down with unreserved violence

Then observing the crime but taking no action
This terror within was determined to happen
So why did I want to watch
I stood straight and strong

Enter paranoia and loss of identity
Onward one step at a time
And whilst the massacre of ghosts continue to gather
I have seen myself within those that I killed

Napkin Art - Zombie Pebbles

Never mind my bad breath Welcome to my house This place where I never did feel at home
I'm rotted by the bad news stuff My assumptions are forever waiting  Never did I gain the skills to control this space
It was not like this when I was young Once I wanted to depart and escape It looked so much fun to jump right in But it now seems a lost cause I'm medicated from day to night  Walking from pillar to post
I'm rotted and want to be alone I'm buried under a ton of grief Hating for what I have become
Never did I care  Never was I interested Never was I present 
My story of loss This life of fear and apprehension

Celeste Luminous Transcendence

Overwhelm our logic From personalized layers of interpretation Feared, worshiped, and misunderstood
From folklore to fairy-tales my story circles Threatening, protecting and wilding This uncivilized self This authentic nature This warning This I don't know
My predatory nature  My sweat sweat talk Something is not quite right I am the death of me
Challenge me to confront Better ruined than dead In this dream of crazy sounds
I fiercely seek shelter from ill wind from shackles from shame
Distant callings Come back into the light from devastation to heartbreak

Napkin Art Table 33

Restoration of the ideal The Liberatores Why, this is violence? Et tu, Brute? We are once again free

Celeste Full Moon

Focus and concentrate and you will miss
You will be stymied by your knowing
The answer is in your chaotic mind
In the wonder
In the divergent
In your unconstrained creative cognition

To survive you need greater conceptual expansion
To extend traditional conceptual boundaries
To break free as needed
To invent the appropriate
To manifest your original being

Your beliefs are so exciting
Hold onto them despite the evidence
Reach for the moon and think outside of the box

Napkinart Day of Titles

The more rational The morally better To be both  Pleasing and analytical
Disturbance Revolt The struggle for liberty
The Church and the Aristocracy Seize the cathedral's bells and push open the city gates

Caricature ScoMo Wonky

ScoMo "it's all a bit wonky"

Chin up he said, it’s all a bit wonky, sure, but we’ll smash those Labor bastards
The Guardian 20/10/18

Celeste Judgement Flower of Prey

Like tears in the rain
Knowing all at once
This is not what we wanted
Trapped in this territory
That is deliberately scented to mask the  stench of our failure

So much bloodletting
Even to get even this far

Dancing repetitively across countless seasons
Hiding within one deception before attempting another
In praise of what is willed to become
I don't own my future

Plain and  unadorned and stumbling across timespans
On the surface
Everything recorded for keeping purposes
But acting as tokens that represent so much more
To the effect that
What is hidden is made to appear even more appealing

Hidden as a threat
Hidden for ownership

In secrecy
The promise that those who lie will lead themselves to death
Accepting that the more powerful gain invasive power
Through deceiving the meek
And this populous is frozen
It sits on own hands
In recognition and in horror of those that implement outrageous cunning

Celeste All Dreams Prelude 1 Video

To see All her dreams Her darkened dreams Her emergence from darkness In darkness alone and awake
Once we were gods Reflecting in the mirrors of imaginary time A warrior woman to protect us Of angelic intent
Knowing of past tears and flame A woman of the cross Grieving in choice and loss
Her persona Her persona observed By three faces Whom who sees all ocean waves

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