Celeste Volcano, Wolf, Moon & City

The timing is now
Despite all of the logistical and rational deductions
And all key pointers indicate a self-inflicted loss
The symbolic conditions are now in your favor
The optimum want has arrived
So lock down and focus on your target's collective mind

Step one patriot: Engage your synthetic substitute
Step two family: Drive past the initial horrors through sense and memories of belonging
Step three self: look after yourself, self as the primeval one -  do whatever it takes

Inflict psychological defeat
Enforce morale collapse
Make it look like there is no sensible alternative
Make sure you look smart, alert and resourceful
It is not your role to speak the truth
Your role is to evoke controversy
Ply until your enemy becomes feeble-minded

Corrupt the traditional platform
Until there is no idea
Until the best is last
Until what is now seen is lost
Until all is enlightenment is a conspiracy
Make achievement less than credible

The future is quartered by dilemma
Employ immediate fear
Underscore with meaningless numbers
School the populous towards mass neurosis
Continuously strike until the collective vision is the known failure

They are too weak to endure the psychological effects of subversion
Then when broken, make sure all forms of repatriation is piecemeal
Keep them divisive

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