Generations Lost

Lost and Gone Tunnel Dog

 Generations Lost - The Dark Jazz Chronicle

Poem - Song

The Funnel
We tiptoe on an obscure path.
As like shining stars.
Sinking each and every night.
As we continually inch forward.
Bound by our unspoken agendas

Years and years?
Generations and generations?
Lost and gone.

I can no longer see a post-capitalist society.
I can only see the continuous burden of millions.
Minced into meta pulp. 
Reluctant to deviate.

Years and years?
Generations and generations?
Lost and gone.

So many fluorescent lights.
Destroyed the night sky
Drowned through hope and desperation.
Bound together and shattered.

Years and years?
Generations and generations?
Lost and gone.

Lost and Gone Tunnel Dog

Dive into the haunting world of Dark Jazz with "The Funnel," a mesmerizing musical journey through the obscure pathways of our collective psyche. Set against a backdrop of dimly lit lights and unspoken agendas, this video captures the essence of generational despair and the relentless passage of time. Reflecting on societal burdens and a night sky lost to progress, "The Funnel" weaves a tapestry of sounds and lyrics that echo the deep human emotions. Experience the depth of Dark Jazz where each note is a story and every silence a cries.

Dark Jazz, Experimental Music, Social Commentary, Atmospheric Jazz, Neo-Noir Music, Poetic Lyrics, Progressive Jazz, Contemporary Art, Art and Music, AI Art, AI Music, AI JJFBbennett

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