Lost Keys to Heaven - The Sentinel's Watch


Lost Keys to Heaven: The Sentinel's Watch


Dive into the ethereal realm of "The Sentinel," a haunting musical exploration set to a backdrop of surreal imagery. This video encapsulates the journey of a stoic guardian facing the paradox of heaven's locked gates. Watch as the sentinel, entangled in a celestial tapestry, reflects on the profound sense of loss and duty, all while standing watch over what once was. Join us in this metaphysical narrative that weaves the essence of eternity, guardianship, and the immutable passage of time.


The Sentinel

By the time I got to heaven,

All the rules had changed,

The gates were locked,

And Peter had lost the keys.

When the reign had begun,

All sensibility was lost,

I was captured by this body,

Without the need to touch.

But I stand in dignity, 

A silent sentinel, 

A guardian of a bygone era, 

With loss etched into my eyes.

The gates were locked,

And Peter had lost the keys.


Sentinel, Heaven's Gates, Lost Keys, Guardian, Ethereal Music, Surreal Imagery, Locked Gates, Celestial, Metaphysical, Time Passage, Symbolism


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