Choices and Daily Rituals


Video: Choices and Daily Rituals


I see them daily, following the same routine, saying the same things, and living the same day repeatedly. They take identical pictures and check their reflections on every surface. The world is vast, full of opportunities and choices, but they, like me, wear dark glasses as they go through life. I wish I could shake myself and realise the chances I'm missing, but I'm in a trance, convinced that this narrow path is all there is. Existence keeps moving on, and it pains me that I can't see past the capital waste. We could achieve so much if we didn't sit on the fence and merely comment on each other. But here I am, watching this play with the spectators, where the power to change the script is on the tip of our tongues, yet we decide not to say it.


Dive into the profound narrative of life in repetition, where each day mirrors the last. This exploration goes beyond the surface, questioning the comfort of routine and the opportunities that whisper for attention. It's a call to recognise the vastness of life's stage and our power to change the script that shapes our existence.


Routine, Monotony, Reflection, Opportunities, Choices, Trance, Change, Street Art, Urban Art, City Art

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