Finding Self in the Cityscape

 Mirrored Metropolis: Finding Self in the Cityscape

I am lost in the endless cycle of this cityscape, constantly seeing myself reflected in its modern shiny surfaces. The red traffic light blinks intermittently in a never-ending cycle, symbolising urban monotony. Taking a selfie, I see myself being captured in countless fragments, reflecting the driver, pedestrian, and street lamp. I am a quantified self, trapped in the repetitive narrative of city life. Each photo is a breadcrumb leading me back to myself. I am a loop within a loop, echoing endlessly in the digital corridors of eternity. To break free, I must acknowledge the prison of my own gaze. But for now, I remain trapped in the perpetual selfie of existence, a figure multiplied yet diminished. Just another form of content.

Dive into a visual journey where philosophy meets urban photography. "Echoes of Existence" is a series that explores the Sartrean concept of self through the medium of the selfie. Witness the seamless blend of self-awareness and city vibrancy, and join us in pondering the eternal question of existence amidst the chaotic beauty of urban life.

Urban Philosophy, Self-Reflection, Existentialism, Cityscape Photography, Selfie Art, Sartrean Thought, Reflective Imagery, Contemporary Art

I Am Lost in the Endless Cycle

A haunting exploration of urban alienation and the endless cycle of modern life. Lose yourself in reflective surfaces, traffic lights, and the fragmented digital self.

experimental music video, urban alienation, cityscape, modern life, traffic lights, selfie, fragmented self, digital identity, loop, existentialism

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